10 reasons to use TRP for your custom rubber mouldings and ‘O’ rings

There are a whole host of reason as to why you should choose TRP Polymer Solutions as your number one choice for rubber moulders. We will bring to you 10 reasons why TRP should be your number one choice of ‘O’ ring or customised rubber moulding manufacturer in the UK.

Why choose TRP Polymer Solutions as your rubber moulding manufacturers 

  1. Expert design process: At TRP Polymer Solutions, we are rubber moulding manufacturers with a difference, working in close partnership with our customers to develop high quality technical solutions. We promise to support each phase of your development project, employing the skills and expertise of our experienced polymer technologists.
  2. Custom moulded rubber solutions: TRP Polymer solutions aren’t simply just rubber moulders. We design, develop and produce precision custom rubber gaskets, diaphragms and seals to name but a few of our high-performance products. Our technologists use the latest polymers and process technologies to develop optimal moulded rubber products.
  3. Extended service life: At TRP, we will deliver you a solution that combines quality, performance and cost, as we believe these are three factors that need to be simultaneously reached. We are happy to offer advice and solutions that enable improved service life.
  4. Cost saving expertise: We engage in Value Analysis / Value Engineering (VA/VE) activity to detect cost reduction opportunities. We are rubber moulding manufacturers that are happy to advise and consult with engineers on product design, with the aim of improving performance, resolving manufacturing concerns, or reengineering to offer cost savings.
  5. Industry leading specialist: We manufacture industrial rubber seals always with the application in mind. We work extensively within established industry sectors such as aviation, defence, engineering and transportation, so we can assure you that TRP Polymer Solutions is the ultimate supplier for all of your industry applications.
  6. Short lead times: Where prototype production is required, TRP can offer very short lead times for single cavity moulds to prove product designs before committing to larger capacity production tooling. Depending upon the intricacy and size of the component, we can offer parts from new tooling within 7 days. Flexibility of manufacture scheduling permits us to manufacture to quick lead-times; as short as 48 hours for specialist FFKM O-Rings.
  7. Diverse range of expertise: TRP offers a wide range of moulding processes relevant to the volume, material and geometry of the components.
  8. No minimum order quantities: We have no minimum order quantities. So, no matter what your requirements are, TRP Polymer Solutions can help.
  9. Industry application expertise: At TRP, we always keep the application in mind when manufacturing industrial rubber seals, ensuring our customers achieve their efficiency and reliability objectives.
  10. International supplier: Supplying North America, Central and South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Southern Asia, Asia Pacific and Australasia – there are no boundaries to who we can provide our customised polymer solutions to – whether it’s an ‘O’ ring or customised rubber moulding.

Form more information on our O ring and custom rubber manufacturing services, or advice on products that relate to your business, contact us via our enquiry form, email us directly at sales@trp.co.uk or call us on +44 (0) 1432 268899 to speak to a member of our team.