Custom Moulded Rubber Solutions News

Food and Pharmaceutical FAQs

05 December 2017

How do you choose the right food grade rubber seals? Do you know what requirements need to be met with pharmaceutical industry rubber? In this blog, TRP Polymer Solutions answer your frequently asked questions about rubber for food and pharmaceutical industries.

Pharmaceutical industry rubber products from TRP Polymer

04 December 2017

TRP Polymer Solutions have the technical expertise and knowledge to design custom pharmaceutical rubber products. Our understanding of the industry and the demands that come with it means we can tailor your pharmaceutical grade rubber product to the exact needs of the environment.

Rubber components for the defence industry from TRP Polymer Solutions

26 September 2017

At TRP, we are skilled in manufacturing and supplying quality rubber products to meet the specific requirements of the defence industry. To ensure your defence rubber product meets exacting demands, you can trust our skilled polymer technologists to create the most suitable rubber product for your defence application needs.

Aircraft and aerospace rubber products at TRP Polymer Solutions

25 September 2017

At TRP, we have years of experience in manufacturing and distributing high quality aerospace and aircraft rubber products to meet specific needs and requirements unique to this industry. In an industry where there is no room for error, you can rely on our in-house knowledge and well-versed material technologists to provide you with the right […]

Rubber Products for the Gas Industry from TRP Polymer Solutions

22 September 2017

TRP creates specialist rubber solutions for the gas industry. We have years of experience and detailed knowledge of the needs of the gas industry, especially when it comes to creating precise seals for gas applications. At TRP, we continually develop our products to stay up to date with the needs of the industry. So, you […]

Aerospace & Defence FAQs

20 September 2017

Not sure about how to choose the right rubber material for use in the aerospace and defence industry? Making sure your material is suitable for use in your chosen industry is extremely important. This requires consideration into specific features and polymer types and the required certifications. In our latest blog, TRP Polymer Solutions answers some […]

Food and medical rubber applications

15 May 2017

When processing food or pharmaceuticals, you can never be too careful when it comes to hygiene. At TRP, we produce rubber solutions that are made from FDA compliant materials, giving you peace of mind that your sealing solution adheres to the most stringent hygiene standards. Food and medical rubber applications At TRP, we have a […]

A guide to TRP’s chemical resistant elastomer materials

05 April 2017

As expert manufacturers of chemical resistant elastomer seals, TRP Polymer Solutions offer a diverse selection of chemical resistant O-rings and chemical resistant seals. Using our specially formulated Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM), TRP Polymer Solutions provides a cost-effective sealing solution for demanding applications. Applications for chemical resistant elastomers TRPlast™ FFKM is designed to produce seals and elastomer products […]

World beating custom moulded rubber components

26 January 2017

When we say that we create world-beating custom moulded rubber components here at TRP Polymer Solutions, we really mean it. Because our technical moulded rubber products were one of the driving forces behind the all-conquering success of F1 World Champions, Mercedes AMG, and their Driver’s Champion, Nico Rosberg, and runner-up, Lewis Hamilton. Custom Moulded Rubber […]

TRP Polymer Solution’s custom rubber products range

22 December 2016

As an industry leading specialist in the manufacture of custom rubber products, TRP Polymer Solutions has a wide range of custom rubber mouldings and other high performance rubber product designs available. In this article, we give you an overview of rubber polymers, types of rubber polymers and preview some of our most popular rubber products. […]