Chemical Resistance Guide

When it comes to selecting polymers for your custom rubber moulded solutions, you want to be sure that your product will be able to perform well when faced with particularly aggressive environments or harsh chemicals. Fortunately, TRP Polymer Solutions can help you find the information you need quickly, thanks to our chemical resistance guide for elastomers.

Polymer chemical resistance chart

TRP Polymer Solutions’ Chemical Resistance Guide enables designers and engineers to make a quick reference to assess the suitability of an elastomeric material for use with particular chemicals. This should help make your polymer selection process as straightforward as possible. Once you have found a particular chemical resistant rubber, please speak to one of our technical specialists, as we will be able to verify whether this particular polymer will be the most appropriate material for the environment you have in mind.

To establish the rubber chemical resistance of certain materials against a number of chemicals, simply use the drop-down box below. Select the chemical that you need your material to resist and then press ‘Go’. It is as easy as that! 

Benefits of using our chemical resistance guide

Our chemical resistance guide for elastomers will show you materials that will perform well against certain chemicals, materials that are only suitable for static use with certain chemicals and materials that are not suitable for use with particular chemicals.

Some of the benefits of using our chemical resistant guide include:

  • You can find specific chemical resistant materials at the click of a button.
  • You can discover which materials are not compatible with your selected chemical.
  • You may need a material that can perform around more than one chemical. You can use our polymer chemical resistance guide to cross reference chemicals and find the perfect material for your particular environment.
  • This chemical resistant chart is a quick and easy reference point for designers and engineers alike.

Contact TRP for further information on rubber chemical resistance

This chemical resistance chart only provides general guidelines. As many factors can affect the chemical resistance of any given custom rubber moulding, it is important to test under your own application conditions. We recommend speaking to one of our material experts, so that we can establish whether the material you have chosen will actually be able to resist the chemicals involved in your application.

Please bear in mind that our chemical resistance chart is intended for reference only. For specific advice on your application, please contact us using our enquiry form or email us directly at Alternatively, you can speak to one of our technical advisors by calling 01432 268899. This is particularly important where the application involves interaction of more than one chemical or fluid.

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