What is styrene butadiene rubber used for?

Styrene-butadiene rubber is an all-purpose synthetic rubber formed from a copolymer of styrene and butadiene. In this modern world, SBR rubber polymer (as it is also known) is utilised in many ways, from pneumatic tyres to shoe heels and even chewing gum! In this blog, TRP Polymer Solutions will answer some of your most frequently asked questions about styrene-butadiene rubber.

What is SBR rubber polymer commonly used for?

SBR rubber polymer is typically used in the following types of applications:

• Rollers and feed tyres
• Gaskets
• Conveyer belts
• Hoses
• Adhesives

SBR rubber properties?

SBR rubber’s functional properties include:

• Operating temperature – -20℃ to +90℃
• Hardness range – 40 to 95 IRHD

Types of SBR rubber polymer

There are two different types of SBR rubber polymer; emulsion SBR and solution SBR. Emulsion SBR has been favoured in the past due to its excellent processing properties and its ability to be produced in a continuous process, rendering it extremely cost-effective. On the other hand, solution SBR can be produced in both batch and continuous processes, with the batch method permitting easier manipulation of the response conditions and the features of the polymer.

Advantages of styrene-butadiene rubber

In many instances, SBR rubber polymer replaces natural rubber, as it is more economically friendly and delivers a great deal of benefits. For instance, SBR offers excellent abrasion resistance, crack endurance and generally ages well. It also delivers good compression set resistance and water resistance.

Disadvantages of styrene-butadiene rubber

The main disadvantage of SBR is its poor sunlight and ozone resistance, making it less effective in outdoor applications. Furthermore, it has poor steam and oil resistance, forcing the rubber to swell and become weakened over time. These negatives limit SBR’s use in hot, wet environments.

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