Ask the Experts: What are rubber diaphragms?

Rubber diaphragms offer a simple yet effective sealing solution for pumps, valves and many other control devices across a wide range of industrial applications. TRP Polymer Solutions has many years of experience in the design, development and manufacture of high-quality rubber diaphragms and custom moulded diaphragms. In our latest Ask the Experts article, TRP Polymer Solutions’ CEO, explains the functions, applications and benefits of rubber diaphragms. Read on to find out more.

Everything you ever needed to know about rubber diaphragms

If you’ve ever wondered what a rubber diaphragm is and where it is used, you’re in luck. Let’s speak to our highly experienced and knowledgeable CEO, Peter Watts, to find out more about these useful seals.

Hi Peter, can you explain what a rubber diaphragm is first of all?

A rubber diaphragm is a flexible membrane that’s usually circular in shape and anchored around the edges. The main function of a diaphragm is to act as a seal between two chambers. Rubber diaphragms come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, as well as custom moulded diaphragm configurations. For instance, we can provide PTFE-bonded rubber diaphragms for use with aggressive chemicals, fabric reinforced rubber diaphragms for added durability, or high-tolerance thin walled rubber diaphragms. 

How do rubber diaphragms work?

Pressure differences cause a rubber diaphragm to move up into a chamber or down into another chamber, enabling a degree of motion between a stationary and a moving part. Due to their low permeability to fluids and gases, rubber diaphragms maintain media separation on either side of the diaphragm. They also ensure a consistent pressure differential between the media and can provide gasket functionality in the flange of an instrument. 

Where are rubber diaphragms typically used?

Due to their versatility, rubber diaphragms are found in a huge range of industrial applications. These range from pumps to control devices, regulators, meters and many other specialist devices. We work closely with our customers to develop custom moulded diaphragms for specific application challenges. Whether a rubber diaphragm is destined for chemical dosing or breathing apparatus, we can provide the ideal solution.

What are the main benefits of rubber diaphragms?

Rubber diaphragms offer a simple, durable and versatile sealing solution. All of our rubber diaphragms and custom moulded diaphragms are manufactured to the highest specifications. Not only do our rubber diaphragm products deliver excellent flexibility, extended service, temperature and chemical resistance, and reduced permeability, they also undergo rigorous in-house testing to ensure they meet our exacting standards. 

Thank you Peter!

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