The benefits and uses of FFKM

Perfluoroelastomer, or FFKM as it’s more commonly, was created in the 1960s as a more chemical and temperature resistant alternative to fluoroelastomer (FKM). TRP Polymer Solutions have developed a range of FFKM materials suited to a huge variety of industries and applications. Here, we’ll talk you through the major benefits of FFKM.

Benefits of FFKM rubber

FFKM combines the chemical resistance of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) with the flexibility and elasticity of FKM. The reason behind FFKM’s superlative properties is its chemical makeup. The strongest single bond in chemistry is a Carbon-Fluorine bond and it’s the prevalence of this bond that gives our FFKM elastomer products, such high chemical, thermal and oxidation resistance.

FFKM comprises 72.5% fluorine content with a fully fluorinated backbone chain. Crucially, this is just below PTFE’s fluorination level of 76%, which ensures that FFKM retains the elastomeric properties required for sealing systems. Specifically, it is the R-O- R ether group found within FFKM that gives it its all-important elasticity.

As such, FFKM offers the myriad benefits of best in class chemical resistance, excellent gas and liquid permeation resistance, excellent weather and ozone resistance and good mechanical properties that deliver exceptional sealing performance. FFKM is also self-extinguishing and non-flammable in air, making it ideal for hazardous environments.

FFKM temperature range and chemical resistance

FFKM has a wide temperature range, which enables us to develop high-performance elastomer products that are capable of operating in extremes of temperature from -55°C up to 330°C. This makes FFKM an attractive material for sealing solutions in hazardous industries. Furthermore, FFKM is resistant to an extensive range of chemicals, including organic and inorganic acids, caustics, ketones, aldehydes, ethers, alcohols, sour gas, fuels and hydrocarbons.

FFKM applications

Manufactured initially for chemical processes, oil and gas downhole use and space programmes, FFKM’s many beneficial properties soon made it a firm favourite across a wide cross-section of industries and applications. So much so that FFKM is now used across industry, including the following industries in particular:

  • Automotive
  • Chemical processing
  • Oil and Gas
  • Aerospace

FFKM is also suitable for explosive decompression, CIP and SIP applications, and can be formulated for FDA compliance. All of which make it a highly versatile and multi-functional material. TRP Polymer Solutions has developed specialised grades of FFKM to match the precise demands of various industries, such as the pharmaceutical industry, where conforming to FDA requirements is essential.

Source FFKM seals from TRP Polymer Solutions

At TRP Polymer Solutions, we manufacture a range of elastomer sealing products, including specialised FFKM ‘O’ rings, seals and diaphragms. The technical team at TRP Polymer Solutions are only too happy to answer any further questions you may have about FFKM and applicable solutions for your application. Please contact our technical team today on 01432 268899 or email us at for more information.