Custom Moulded Rubber Solutions News

Reduced lead times with an on-site mould manufacturing machine

25 August 2020

TRP Polymer Solutions has been moulding our own success since 2004. We have continually invested in the latest technology to ensure we can deliver the most advanced sealing products and comprehensive customer experience possible. Now, with the acquisition of a brand-new moulding machine, we can deliver even greater capacity with significantly shorter lead times. Investing […]

How the rubber design process works

03 April 2020

Conceptual design is the cornerstone of all successful polymer products. TRP Polymer Solutions combines some of the sharpest rubber technologists in the business to develop custom rubber designs for even the most demanding application environments. Read on to find out more about our peerless rubber design services. TRP Polymer Solutions has a wealth of expertise […]

What is EPDM rubber used for?

20 March 2020

EPDM is a synthetic rubber much heralded for its resistance to weathering, UV and ozone. This low-cost, general-purpose elastomer is particularly noteworthy for its ability to operate in sub-zero temperatures as low as -50 degrees Celsius. Given these favourable traits, what is EPDM rubber used for? TRP Polymer Solutions provides three common examples of EPDM […]

TRP Polymer Solutions answers your neoprene FAQ

08 March 2020

If you’ve ever zipped into a wetsuit you will be all too familiar with the incredible waterproof properties of neoprene. However, this versatile synthetic rubber comes in a wide range of different forms and is notable for its excellent tear strength, resistance to environmental factors and impressive thermal stability. Here, TRP Polymer solutions answers all […]

TRP Polymer Solutions’ guide to styrene-butadiene rubber

20 February 2020

Styrene-butadiene rubber, or SBR, is perhaps the most widely used rubber you’ve never heard of. This synthetic rubber, which is predominantly used in tyre manufacturing, offers a raft of benefits, including excellent abrasion resistance and good bonding properties. Find out more about the advantages, disadvantages and applications for SBR rubber in TRP Polymer Solutions’ guide […]

A comparison of Nitrile vs EPDM ‘O’ rings

14 February 2020

Synthetic rubber comes in a huge variety of different types, each offering their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. EPDM and nitrile are two such rubber compounds that are commonly used to make cost-effective, general-purpose ‘O’ rings. So which is better for your application? In this nitrile vs EPDM comparison, TRP Polymer Solutions explains the advantages […]

How is styrene used? Common styrene uses explained

06 September 2019

Styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) is probably the most widely used rubber you’ve never heard of before. In fact, everything from the trainers you wear to the tyres you drive on will contain this synthetic rubber. In this article, TRP Polymer Solutions talks you through some of the most common styrene uses, as well as the advantages […]

Keeping the oil & gas industry going with FFKM ‘O’ Rings

06 June 2019

Oil and gas producers operate in increasingly difficult and dangerous conditions. Exposure to extreme temperatures and pressures places incredibly high demands on mission-critical polymer seals that keep personnel and heavy-duty equipment operating safely. When it comes to extreme performance ‘O’ rings capable of withstanding the demands of oil and gas applications, no material comes close […]

Our ‘O’ ring application guide

06 May 2019

‘O’ rings are ubiquitous across Industry. Why? Because these simple but staggeringly effective seals have been delivering dependable and highly cost-effective sealing solutions for more than a century. In this ‘O’ ring application guide, TRP Polymer Solutions outlines common ‘O’ ring seal applications and explains why each can benefit from the remarkable properties of FFKM. […]

What is the best ‘O’ ring material?

06 April 2019

Determining the “best” ‘O’ ring material is virtually impossible. It would be like picking the “best” footballer of all time. Can you really make a like-for-like comparison between a goalkeeper and a striker? No, because their roles are completely different. This is also true of different ‘O’ ring seal materials; they are designed to perform […]