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What are the top 5 rubber materials and their applications?

11 November 2021

There is far more to rubber than just the natural latex you see harvested from rubber trees. In fact, countless synthetic rubbers have been developed over the decades that combine the elasticity of natural rubber with an added injection of various other beneficial properties, such as chemical, thermal and ozone resistance. Here, TRP Polymer Solutions […]

Everything you need to know about Viton® Rubber

01 November 2021

When it comes to material selection for sealing products, one elastomer that crops up time and again is Viton®. A brand name of chemical giants DuPont, Viton® is part of the fluoroelastomer (FKM) family, which is characterised by strong carbon-fluorine bonds that makes these versatile fluorinated polymers highly resistant to many chemicals, extreme heat and […]

What is an explosive decompression resistant seal?

20 October 2021

Explosive decompression resistant seals, also known as ED Resistant, RGD or AED (anti-explosive decompression) seals, offer unrivalled performance and protection in rapid pressure loss applications typically associated with the oil and gas industry. In this article, TRP Polymer Solutions gives you our complete guide to the features, benefits and varieties of explosive resistant ‘O’ rings […]

A seal for every occasion

11 October 2021

Since their inception in the early twentieth century, mechanical seals have played an increasingly important role in mission-critical sealing applications. With the emergence of ever more sophisticated materials and technology over the ensuing decades, manufacturers now have a wealth of seal options at their disposal. Here, TRP Polymer Solutions explains how the early ‘Cook seal’ […]

Which applications do ultra-low temperature ‘O’ rings suit?

01 June 2021

Not all ‘O’ rings were created equal and some manufacturing environments demand performance well beyond the limits of standard, off-the-shelf ‘O’ rings. In fact, there are numerous industrial applications that require ultra-low temperature conditions for the safe, efficient and reliable production of end products. Here, TRP Polymer Solutions explains which applications can benefit from installing […]

Custom moulded rubber for tough environments

17 May 2021

Tough operational environments call for even tougher custom moulded rubber seals. Wherever extreme temperatures and abrasive chemicals are involved, specialised ‘O’ rings offer unrivalled performance and peace of mind. In this article, TRP Polymer Solutions discusses the merits of sourcing high temperature ‘O’ rings and chemical resistant ‘O’ rings from a source you can trust. […]

Reduced lead times with an on-site mould manufacturing machine

25 August 2020

TRP Polymer Solutions has been moulding our own success since 2004. We have continually invested in the latest technology to ensure we can deliver the most advanced sealing products and comprehensive customer experience possible. Now, with the acquisition of a brand-new moulding machine, we can deliver even greater capacity with significantly shorter lead times. Investing […]

How the rubber design process works

03 April 2020

Conceptual design is the cornerstone of all successful polymer products. TRP Polymer Solutions combines some of the sharpest rubber technologists in the business to develop custom rubber designs for even the most demanding application environments. Read on to find out more about our peerless rubber design services. TRP Polymer Solutions has a wealth of expertise […]

What is EPDM rubber used for?

20 March 2020

EPDM is a synthetic rubber much heralded for its resistance to weathering, UV and ozone. This low-cost, general-purpose elastomer is particularly noteworthy for its ability to operate in sub-zero temperatures as low as -50 degrees Celsius. Given these favourable traits, what is EPDM rubber used for? TRP Polymer Solutions provides three common examples of EPDM […]

TRP Polymer Solutions answers your neoprene FAQ

08 March 2020

If you’ve ever zipped into a wetsuit you will be all too familiar with the incredible waterproof properties of neoprene. However, this versatile synthetic rubber comes in a wide range of different forms and is notable for its excellent tear strength, resistance to environmental factors and impressive thermal stability. Here, TRP Polymer solutions answers all […]