Custom Moulded Rubber Solutions News

TRP and Mercedes continues winning partnership!

13 March 2019

F1 Custom moulded components TRP Polymer Solutions Ltd are proud to continue their long history of supplying custom rubber moulded components for Mercedes AMG F1 engines. The Silver Arrows F1 WO9, powered by the AMG F1 M09 EQ Power+ achieved success once again during the 2018 Formula 1, winning their fifth world championship in a […]

Types of oil resistant rubber

29 November 2018

TRP Polymer Solutions employs a range of oil resistant materials for the manufacture of high-performance sealing solutions destined for heavy-duty industries. Offering superior resistance to oils, sour gas, chemicals and rapid gas decompression (RGD), our oil resistant rubber materials are simply the best.

Bespoke rubber for maritime chemical transportation

13 June 2018

At TRP Polymer Solutions, our polymer experts understand the demands placed on seals and O-rings in the maritime chemical transportation industry. As such, we can design and manufacture bespoke sealing products that deliver the highest standards of performance, durability, reliability and chemical resistance for your application.

Maritime Chemical Transportation FAQs

12 June 2018

The maritime transportation of chemical products requires specific rubber seals and O-rings that are capable of handling extremely aggressive media. In this blog, we answer some of your frequently asked questions about specifying the best rubber compounds for chemical storage and transportation.

Biotechnology rubber products for your industry

11 June 2018

TRP Polymer Solutions specialises in the manufacture of durable and hygienic biotechnology rubber sealing products. Our technical experts have a deep understanding of the demands of the biotech industry and are able to develop our products to meet these requirements. In this blog, we take a look at our range of FDA compliant rubber products.

Rubber products for road chemical transportation

06 March 2018

The transportation of hazardous chemicals requires reliable sealing solutions. TRP Polymer Solutions can provide your business with custom designed rubber seals and gaskets for road chemical transportation that can not only withstand the extreme chemicals they come into contact with, but also retain their integrity throughout the entire transportation process. Read on to discover which […]

Top Questions: Nuclear Energy & Chemical Processing

06 March 2018

In this blog, TRP Polymer Solutions answers your most frequently asked questions about the nuclear and chemical processing industries, and how to choose the correct elastomer for these specific industries. We’ll cover: How to choose rubber for your industry The best materials for nuclear applications How to choose elastomer for chemical use

Nuclear Industry

05 March 2018

Our experts at TRP Polymer Solutions can design and develop precise nuclear industry elastomer seals and gaskets for your application. We are able to work with you to create specific radiation resistant rubber solutions. With over 25 years’ experience, our technical knowledge on rubber products is second to none.

Chemical Processing

02 March 2018

TRP Polymer Solutions are technical experts in rubber sealing solutions for the chemical processing industry. For such a volatile environment, it is essential that your rubber components are consistent in both their endurance and performance. Developing your chemical processing elastomers with TRP Polymer Solutions ensures your exact application requirements are met. All of our rubber […]

Food and Pharmaceutical FAQs

05 December 2017

How do you choose the right food grade rubber seals? Do you know what requirements need to be met with pharmaceutical industry rubber? In this blog, TRP Polymer Solutions answer your frequently asked questions about rubber for food and pharmaceutical industries.