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What are the top 5 rubber materials and their applications?

11 November 2021

There is far more to rubber than just the natural latex you see harvested from rubber trees. In fact, countless synthetic rubbers have been developed over the decades that combine the elasticity of natural rubber with an added injection of various other beneficial properties, such as chemical, thermal and ozone resistance. Here, TRP Polymer Solutions […]

What is an explosive decompression resistant seal?

20 October 2021

Explosive decompression resistant seals, also known as ED Resistant, RGD or AED (anti-explosive decompression) seals, offer unrivalled performance and protection in rapid pressure loss applications typically associated with the oil and gas industry. In this article, TRP Polymer Solutions gives you our complete guide to the features, benefits and varieties of explosive resistant ‘O’ rings […]

TRP Polymer Solutions answers your neoprene FAQ

08 March 2020

If you’ve ever zipped into a wetsuit you will be all too familiar with the incredible waterproof properties of neoprene. However, this versatile synthetic rubber comes in a wide range of different forms and is notable for its excellent tear strength, resistance to environmental factors and impressive thermal stability. Here, TRP Polymer solutions answers all […]

TRP Polymer Solutions’ guide to styrene-butadiene rubber

20 February 2020

Styrene-butadiene rubber, or SBR, is perhaps the most widely used rubber you’ve never heard of. This synthetic rubber, which is predominantly used in tyre manufacturing, offers a raft of benefits, including excellent abrasion resistance and good bonding properties. Find out more about the advantages, disadvantages and applications for SBR rubber in TRP Polymer Solutions’ guide […]

A comparison of Nitrile vs EPDM ‘O’ rings

14 February 2020

Synthetic rubber comes in a huge variety of different types, each offering their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. EPDM and nitrile are two such rubber compounds that are commonly used to make cost-effective, general-purpose ‘O’ rings. So which is better for your application? In this nitrile vs EPDM comparison, TRP Polymer Solutions explains the advantages […]

Industries using ultra low temperature elastomers

17 May 2017

TRP develops sealing solutions for ultra-low temperatures. We can design and produce rubber products to your exact requirements in low temperature FFKM or FKM. In this blog, we outline the practical applications and range of products available for environments with ultra-low temperatures. Sealing solutions for ultra-low temperatures Our selection of ultra-low temperature grade products includes […]