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A comparison of Nitrile vs EPDM ‘O’ rings

14 February 2020

Synthetic rubber comes in a huge variety of different types, each offering their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. EPDM and nitrile are two such rubber compounds that are commonly used to make cost-effective, general-purpose ‘O’ rings. So which is better for your application? In this nitrile vs EPDM comparison, TRP Polymer Solutions explains the advantages […]

Types of oil resistant rubber

29 November 2018

TRP Polymer Solutions employs a range of oil resistant materials for the manufacture of high-performance sealing solutions destined for heavy-duty industries. Offering superior resistance to oils, sour gas, chemicals and rapid gas decompression (RGD), our oil resistant rubber materials are simply the best.

Chemical Resistance – How it makes or breaks a seal

06 July 2017

Solutions expertly manufactures high-performance rubber sealing components that are derived from chemical industry polymers to provide effective chemical resistance. In this blog, we discuss the importance of chemical resistant seals and help you choose the best seal for your application. Chemical resistant seals TRP Polymer Solutions manufactures seals specifically for the chemical industry, which provide […]

Why fluorosilicone is used for aviation fuel seals

05 June 2017

Fluorosilicone (FVMQ) is an elastomer made up from a silicone polymer chain with fluorinated side-chains. This structure provides the elastomer with a number of qualities that make it the perfect choice of material for the aviation industry. Advantages of fluorosilicone rubber: Fluorosilicone combines the most favourable properties of fluorocarbons and silicones. Fluorosilicone rubber properties and advantages […]