High Performance O-Rings News

FFKM O-Rings: The perfect seal for extreme conditions

12 March 2022

In extreme application environments, where the margins for error are narrow and the safety of personnel and machinery are often at risk, failure simply isn’t an option. Such conditions demand failsafe solutions and this where FFKM O-rings and FFKM gaskets excel, delivering effective, reliable and durable sealing solutions that you can depend on time and […]

Which polymer makes the best temperature resistant ‘O’ ring?

14 December 2021

We have dozens of polymers at our disposal at TRP Polymer Solutions. Matching the correct polymer to the application conditions is both a science and an artform, which we’ve perfected over nearly 20 years in business. But which polymers make the best temperature resistant ‘O’ rings? Here, we’ll explore some of the most effective high […]

Manufacturing chemical resistant ‘O’ rings with perfluoroelastomer

25 September 2021

When it comes to chemical resistant rubber materials, the undisputed heavyweight champions of them all are perfluoroelastomers (FFKM). These durable and versatile elastomers offer best in class chemical resistance, as well as seriously impressive thermal resistance, excellent sealing performance and can be used in explosive decompression, CIP, SIP and FDA applications. In this article, TRP […]

Which applications do ultra-low temperature ‘O’ rings suit?

01 June 2021

Not all ‘O’ rings were created equal and some manufacturing environments demand performance well beyond the limits of standard, off-the-shelf ‘O’ rings. In fact, there are numerous industrial applications that require ultra-low temperature conditions for the safe, efficient and reliable production of end products. Here, TRP Polymer Solutions explains which applications can benefit from installing […]

Custom moulded rubber for tough environments

17 May 2021

Tough operational environments call for even tougher custom moulded rubber seals. Wherever extreme temperatures and abrasive chemicals are involved, specialised ‘O’ rings offer unrivalled performance and peace of mind. In this article, TRP Polymer Solutions discusses the merits of sourcing high temperature ‘O’ rings and chemical resistant ‘O’ rings from a source you can trust. […]

Meeting the demands of the market with continual investment

20 August 2020

The classic ‘O’ ring has reigned supreme in the manufacturing industry for more than a century. Stunningly simple yet highly effective, this torus-shaped seal is as popular today as it ever has been. So much so, in fact, that TRP Polymer Solutions has recently invested in four new ‘O’ ring presses to uprate our capacity […]

What are the applications of FFKM?

30 June 2020

Perfluoroelastomer, or FFKM as it’s more commonly known, is a remarkable material. A highly fluorinated version of fluoroelastomer, FFKM is famed for its chemical inertness and a thermal stability that enables it to operate at temperature extremes of -45 °C to +330 °C. Unsurprisingly, given these credentials, FFKM is a material in high demand. Read […]

TRP Polymer Solutions’ guide to styrene-butadiene rubber

20 February 2020

Styrene-butadiene rubber, or SBR, is perhaps the most widely used rubber you’ve never heard of. This synthetic rubber, which is predominantly used in tyre manufacturing, offers a raft of benefits, including excellent abrasion resistance and good bonding properties. Find out more about the advantages, disadvantages and applications for SBR rubber in TRP Polymer Solutions’ guide […]

Viton vs Silicone ‘O’ rings

06 January 2020

The humble but hard-working O-ring is the workhorse of industrial sealing applications. They can mean the difference between machinery running optimally and catastrophic system failures. Choosing the correct elastomeric material is crucial to ensure you have the right O-ring for the job. In this article TRP Polymer Solutions compares Viton vs silicone ‘O’ rings to […]

What is the difference between FKM and EPDM?

06 July 2019

Choosing the right ‘O’ ring material can be the difference between a durable and reliable seal or one that very quickly fails, leading to costly unexpected downtime. FKM and EPDM are two common seal materials noted for their reliability. But what is the difference between FKM and EPDM? TRP Polymer Solutions explains all in this […]