Top Questions: Nuclear Energy & Chemical Processing

In this blog, TRP Polymer Solutions answers your most frequently asked questions about the nuclear and chemical processing industries, and how to choose the correct elastomer for these specific industries.

We’ll cover:

  • How to choose rubber for your industry
  • The best materials for nuclear applications
  • How to choose elastomer for chemical use

I need help deciding on the rubber type that is right for my industry’s demands. What do I do?

Firstly, speak to member of our team.

As polymer experts, we will advise on the correct material selection for the environment in which your product is to be used. Drawing from our in-depth knowledge about the properties and characteristics of a number of materials, our team will be able to help you choose the correct material based on your enquiry. We can then develop your product further, for example in order to maximise life span and therefore reduce maintenance times.

  • Guidance on material compatibility
  • Rubber that can withstand harsh environments
  • Pressure and temperature considerations

Our breadth of knowledge allows us to make informed decisions about which materials would be able to withstand the demands of either the nuclear or chemical industry. We take into consideration the pressures and temperatures that the rubber product will come into contact with, which also helps the decision process.

nuclear industry materials

What are the best nuclear industry materials?

For the nuclear industry, we can offer a variety of materials fit to withstand the unique service conditions of this environment. Our selection of nuclear industry materials available includes:

  • EPDM 30H
  • Nitrile 18L
  • Viton E60C
  • Fluorocarbon Rubber Daisy Type
  • Silicone Rubber Poppy Type

For more information regarding each material, visit our nuclear energy page. This page will show exactly what grades of these materials we offer and help you find the perfect material for your industry.

What elastomer is used in chemical processing?

In an extremely aggressive industry like the chemical processing industry, where your product will come into contact with a variety of chemicals, finding the perfect material can take time. TRP Polymer Solutions can supply a variety of materials, including PTFE or a variety of grades of FFKM. Both of these rubber materials are known for their extreme chemical resistance. To discover exactly what each grade can offer, visit our universal chemical resistance page.

Do you have an elastomer chemical resistance guide?

Our own elastomer chemical resistance guide can give you an idea of what rubber you should and shouldn’t use, dependant on the chemical it will come into contact with. This is only a starting point however, from here you should contact our experts and we can help your decision-making process.

What are the benefits of specially designed rubber products?

Having a product designed by us, from concept through to production means that it has been thoroughly tested and will perform at its highest capabilities in your specific industry. This route is the best way to make sure your elastomer is a safe, reliable and durable rubber product. For example, FFKM O-Rings have a high chemical and thermal resistance so are ideal for use in the chemical industry.

  • Safe and reliable elastomer
  • High chemical and thermal resistance
  • In-depth documentation of each product

We also provide full traceability and in-depth documentation of each product, an essential requirement for any components used in the nuclear industry. With TRP Polymer Solutions, you receive only the highest quality product.

Why should you get your rubber products from TRP Polymer Solutions?

TRP Polymer Solutions are technical experts when it comes to selecting the correct polymer for your industry use. We will ensure that we supply the highest quality, most suitable rubber for your application’s needs. Our products meet your specific design specifications, to the most precise geometries. When it comes to the nuclear and chemical industries, you need a supplier that you can trust to ensure a safe working product.

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