Chemical resistant ‘O’ rings for pharmaceutical applications

The pharmaceuticals industry is one of those rare industries whose products are often required to meet the highest standards of production as a matter of life and death. Which means that any seals employed in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals must comply with multiple mission-critical factors, including stringent hygiene standards and aggressive CIP/SIP cleaning regimens. TRP Polymer Solutions has the product design and material development expertise to deliver FFKM, PTFE and FKM ‘O’ rings that perform beyond all expectations. Sealing challenges in the pharmaceutical industry.

Sealing challenges in the pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry shares many of the plant and machinery requirements reminiscent of other industries. Where it differs is that the seals employed to develop pharma products must adhere to the highest standards of compliance across several mission-critical areas simultaneously. Only the food and beverage industry comes close to the pharmaceutical sector’s stringent sealing challenges.

Some of the main sealing concerns for pharmaceutical manufacturers include hygienic design, material compliance, ingress and egress, and cleaning regimens. Not only should pharmaceutical seals be designed to European Hygienic Engineering Design Group (EHEDG) standards, they should also be made from FDA-compliant materials, prevent product leakage and contamination, as well as withstand rigorous CIP and SIP cleaning routines.

Why choose chemical resistant ‘O’ rings?

Pharmaceutical seals that are routinely exposed to the aggressive cleaning agents and steam of high-pressure clean in place (CIP) and sterilisation in place (SIP) processing equipment need to be constructed from highly durable materials. TRP Polymer Solutions is an expert in the development and manufacture of chemical resistant ‘O’ rings that comply with all the operational and regulatory demands of the pharmaceutical industry.

“We offer a wide range of specialist polymers for the demanding sealing challenges of pharmaceutical applications,” said Peter Watts, Managing Director at TRP Polymer Solutions. “High-grade materials like FFKM, FKM and PTFE, which are renowned for their superior chemical resistance. Our PTFE can also be bonded to an energised elastomer core for hardwearing, robust and reliable sealing solutions. 

“Not only are our pharmaceutical seals safe, hygienic and chemically inert, but they also deliver market-leading durability and reliability. We have worked closely with pharmaceutical manufacturers for many years. During which time, we have developed a huge range of high-performance FKM and FFKM ‘O’ rings for all sorts of mixing, pumping, sampling and dispensing equipment. 

“We understand the distinct needs of the pharmaceutical sector and can provide specialised solutions for even the most demanding operational environments,” added Peter.

TRP Polymer Solutions specialises in the design and manufacture of precision rubber moulded components made from chemically resistant, FDA-compliant materials. Make TRP your supplier of choice for all your chemical resistant ‘O’ rings, including FFKM ‘O’ rings, FKM ‘O’ rings, and PTFE ‘O’ rings. 

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