FFKM in pharmaceuticals and chemical processing

What do the medical and chemical processing industries have in common? Both benefit from using FFKM seals. Perfluoroelastomers (FFKM) are a remarkable family of synthetic rubbers that are versatile enough to formulate FDA compliant grades on the one hand and highly chemical resistant ones on the other. TRP Polymer Solutions explains how FFKM ‘O’ rings and seals can benefit pharmaceutical and chemical processing applications.

What is FFKM and what are its benefits?

FFKM offers the broadest chemical resistance of any elastomeric sealing material, not to mention excellent thermal and oxidation resistance. This is due to FFKM rubber’s carbon-fluorine bonds; the strongest single bond in organic chemistry. When you factor in FFKM’s elastic, recovery and sealing force characteristics, you are left with a truly formidable material. A material that’s as adaptible as it is durable.

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of FFKM at TRP Polymer Solutions. So much so that we engineered our unique TRPlast™ range of FFKM materials to help customers from all walks of industry to overcome their own distinct sealing challenges. Let’s take a closer look at how different grades of FFKM rubber can be utilised for the specific demands of the pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries.

FFKM for pharmaceutical and chemical processing applications

The chemical and pharmaceutical industries operate in low-temperature, cryogenic environments on a daily basis. In this type of environment, it is incredibly difficult to achieve an efficient gas or fluid sealing. This is where our TRPlast™ LT-45 grade of FFKM really comes into its own. We use it to develop ultra-low temperature ‘O’ rings that deliver high sealing integrity, even at temperatures as low as -45°C. Perfect for these industry settings.

Meanwhile, our TRPlast 641 and 642 FFKM rubber materials have been designed for the strict sanitary requirements of the pharmaceutical and medical industries. These specific grades of white and black FFKM rubber respectively are FDA approved and chemically inert enough to withstand repeated exposure to aggressive cleaning fluids used in CIP or SIP washdowns. There is simply no substitute for their sheer performance and reliability.

TRPlast™ FFKM seals are designed to perform at their peak for longer, no matter what pharmaceutical or chemical processing application they’re employed in. The upshot for manufacturers in these sectors is that FFKM ‘O’ rings and seals are not only fit for purpose, but they can also reduce downtime and maintenance costs. With numerous TRPlast™ FFKM grades at our disposal, TRP can deliver an optimal sealing solution whatever your application.

Buy FFKM seals from TRP Polymer Solutions

TRP Polymer Solutions develops some of the most advanced FFKM seals available. Our polymer technologists design, manufacture and test high-performance FFKM ‘O’ rings and seals to meet the demands of countless industries, including the pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries. We go the extra mile to achieve your objectives, producing high-performance FFKM seals that always deliver a tangible return on investment.

For more information about our FFKM rubber sealing products for the pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries, or to discuss your application in more detail, contact TRP Polymer Solutions today on +44(0)1432 268899 or email sales@trp.co.uk.