Food and medical rubber applications

When processing food or pharmaceuticals, you can never be too careful when it comes to hygiene. At TRP, we produce rubber solutions that are made from FDA compliant materials, giving you peace of mind that your sealing solution adheres to the most stringent hygiene standards.

Food and medical rubber applications

At TRP, we have a range of FDA compliant products including o-rings that are commonly used in process equipment cleaned with clean in place (CIP) systems in FDA applications, which will result in reduced maintenance and therefore costs. These high temperatures FFKM O-rings are designed to withstand the high temperatures and pressures used for sterilisation in the food and beverage industry. We also produce seals that are often used in the pharmaceutical industry. Seals can be the small yet vital piece in various pharmaceutical-based processes.

Uses of FDA rubber

The food and medical industry both require various types of processing equipment, including mixing, sampling, pumping and dispensing tools. Our products are derived from a range of approved rubber materials that are suitable for food and medical applications, including:

  • Plerfluoroelastomer (FFKM)
  • Fluroelastomer (FKM)
  • PTFE composite seals

Approved rubber for food and medical applications environments

At TRP, we aim to provide you with the perfect sealing solution for your needs. We understand that health and safety is of the highest importance in environments containing food or medicines. Among the many benefits of choosing approved rubber products from TRP Polymer Solutions are:

  • Using FDA compliant products maximises health and safety.
  • At TRP, we can produce your FDA compliant solutions with a quick turn-around time.
  • We specialise in designing precision moulded products, making the process of creating your product quick and simple.
  • Our rubber solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industry are durable and have a long service life, meaning that minimal maintenance is required.
  • The custom element of our service means that we can provide you with extremely specific products.

Choosing the right material for your application

A fundamental part of creating your rubber solution is selecting the most effective material for your application. At TRP, our technical experts have extensive knowledge of the physical properties and chemical resistance of each material. We are more than happy to advise you on FDA and USP Class VI materials to help you find the most suitable material for your application.

Contact TRP for FDA rubber

For more information about our FDA compliant products, please call one of our technical experts on 01432 268899.