Food and Pharmaceutical FAQs

How do you choose the right food grade rubber seals? Do you know what requirements need to be met with pharmaceutical industry rubber? In this blog, TRP Polymer Solutions answer your frequently asked questions about rubber for food and pharmaceutical industries.

How to choose the correct rubber for your industry

To choose the correct rubber for your particular industry, talk to our technical team here at TRP. We are able to take our years of experience and knowledge and find the exact grade match of rubber for your industry needs. Through our process we will eliminate the elastomers that don’t perform to high enough standards, whilst finding the one grade that functions flawlessly within the pressures of your industry.

For the demands of food and pharmaceutical industries, we recommend our TRPlast FFKM.

What pharmaceutical industry rubber is best?

The pharmaceutical industry rubber we recommend is the FFKM grade TRPlast 643 USP class VI rubber. This grade is best for industries that require precision. This material is used to make seals, FFKM O-Rings and gaskets.

What is the right food industry elastomer?

To find a specific food industry elastomer, there are a few grades of TRPlast FFKM that are commonly used and that meet the FDA requirements. These are:

  • TRPlast 641
  • TRPlast 642                                                                                                                               

These specific grades are developed by TRP Polymer Solutions for the use in both the food and pharmaceutical industries. However, for more information and possibly more options, always talk to a member of our team about what rubber grades we can offer.

Why choose TRP Polymer Solutions?

TRP Polymer Solutions’ process takes your product from concept to prototype, pre-production right until it is operational. Because of this we are able to be very vigilant and specific when it comes to how your rubber product is made and therefore how it will perform in your industry. For example, for the food and pharmaceutical industries, it is vital that the products meet hygiene standards. Our rubber components are made from FDA compliant materials.

For more information about our what pharmaceutical and food grade rubber seals we can offer, call us today on +44(0)1432 268899 to speak to one of our technical team or email us at