How to select the correct rubber seal

Choosing the right seal material can be difficult. That’s why in this blog TRP Polymer Solutions covers how to select the correct rubber seal, as well as what to take into account when selecting polymer materials.

Choosing the right seal material

When choosing your seal material, it is vital that you consider all factors to ensure you receive the correct seal for your specific application. There are three main things to take into account when selecting polymer materials: environment, service conditions and temperature.

After you have thought about which of these is most important to your application requirements, you should consider physical properties, such as, hardness, tensile strength and tear strength. FFKM O-rings for example, have a high chemical and thermal resistance so are suitable for severe applications. However, these properties would have to be related to the application. So, for instance, if you were using a roller, you would need abrasion resistance; for belts, you would want tensile strength; and for diaphragms, you would be interested in flex life.

Mechanical seal material selection

First, we select the base polymer and then design the ingredients to be added to the polymer to create the finished rubber. The finished rubber will then determine the hardness, compression set, tensile elongation and all the physical properties for that formulation. When making your seal material selection, it is important to carefully consider all the factors that may affect your application. You can utilise our handy polymer selection guide to assist you in choosing the right seal material for you.

How to select the correct rubber seal material

As mentioned above, choosing the correct polymer is very important. However, sometimes it is not necessarily straightforward. Whether it is for oil or gas, nuclear or aerospace applications, TRP Polymer Solutions can assist with your mechanical seal material selection, helping you to select the ideal polymer properties for your application. We have created a polymer properties table that you can use as a reference to determine what polymer will suit your needs.

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