How to specify elastomer seals for Nuclear energy applications

The Nuclear industry relies heavily on elastomers for sealing applications. TRP Polymer Solutions designs cutting edge rubber seal components and FFKM O-Rings, using high grade polymers for the Nuclear industry, which are specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of nuclear applications.

Elastomer seals for the Nuclear industry

At TRP Polymer Solutions, we use only the most advanced polymers for the Nuclear industry to develop extremely durable and reliable seals. With over 25 years’ experience of supplying seals for the Nuclear and Power Generation industry, we manufacture products with quality in mind, offering full traceability of high grade materials that are durable enough to withstand radioactive environments.

Specifying elastomer seal materials

Elastomers are often used in the Nuclear Power industry for sealing components, such as for airlock doors, glove boxes, shielding windows and intermediate and low level waste containment flasks. Specifying elastomer seals for Nuclear Energy applications requires robust material selection.

AT TRP Polymer Solutions, we use only the most durable sealing materials, including:

  • Nitrile 18L.
  • Silicon Poppy 60-80.
  • Viton E60C.
  • EPDM 30H.
  • Fluorocarbon Daisy 60-90.

These resilient and reliable high grade polymers are capable of performing in the most extreme environments, due to their radiation resistant properties. Formulating our high performance seals from these resistant polymers guarantees exceptional performance standards, no matter what the Nuclear application.

Polymer seals for the Nuclear industry

With our vast experience in the manufacture of specialist seals, incorporating highly resistant polymers for the Nuclear industry, TRP Polymer Solutions is the natural choice for Nuclear Energy applications where safety and reliability simply cannot be compromised.

Offering unrivalled experience in the design and development of bespoke seal components – using a range of durable, radiation-resistant materials – our sealing solutions can be used throughout the industry. Possible applications include new-build power stations, shielding doors and windows, containment drum seals and transfer port seals.

For more information about our polymer seals for the Nuclear industry, please contact us today on 01432 268899.