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TRP Polymer Solutions specialise in the design and manufacture of high precision rubber moulded components, made from FDA compliant materials. Commonly used in the food and pharmaceutical industries, our biotechnology components can be custom made to meet individual application requirements.

At TRP, we only use the very best materials and process technologies when manufacturing seals for the food industry, ensuring complete quality management at every stage of the process. We manufacture seals from the most reliable polymers for the food industry, in order to satisfy application and industry requirements.

FFKM O-Rings and other seals for the food industry

In the food, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, seals and FFKM O-Rings are most commonly used in high pressure clean in place (CIP) processing equipment. A CIP/SIP system is a high-pressure machine used for cleaning fluids and sterilisation in the food, beverage and dairy industries.

Sealing solutions from TRP Polymer Solutions meet the stringent demands of these industry sectors and are compliant with FDA requirements, offering customers a complete and reliable solution when it comes to both seals for pharmaceuticals and seals for the food industry.

Food grade seals and seals for pharmaceuticals at TRP

At TRP Polymer Solutions, we offer a wide material and polymer selection, including Perfluoroelastomers (FFKM), Fluoroelastomer (FKM), and PTFE. Given that our PTFE is bonded to an energised elastomer core, this makes it hardwearing, robust and reliable, ideal for use in the food industry. Our wide-ranging choice of materials means that customers are sure to receive the sealing solution that is fit for their industry and application requirements.

Our seals for pharmaceuticals are commonly used for mixing, pumping, sampling and dispensing equipment, offering a safe and durable solution. If you would like more information on our seals for the food industry, please contact our technical team today on 01432 268899. To learn more, visit our food and pharmaceutical rubber FAQs.

For more information on our range of polymers for the food industry and more, please download our helpful factsheets

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