Rubber products for road chemical transportation

The transportation of hazardous chemicals requires reliable sealing solutions. TRP Polymer Solutions can provide your business with custom designed rubber seals and gaskets for road chemical transportation that can not only withstand the extreme chemicals they come into contact with, but also retain their integrity throughout the entire transportation process.

Read on to discover which rubber products can be used within the road chemical industry…

Road chemical transportation rubber products

For the transportation of chemical products, we can provide a range of products, including:

  • Discharge valves seals
  • Pump seals
  • Man lid and access hatch seals
  • O rings
  • Bonded PTFE seals

road chemical applications

The transportation of chemical products requires the utmost safety regulations suited to your products and the people working with them. In this industry, durable rubber sealing solutions are paramount.

The rubber products designed at TRP Polymer Solutions (including seals, gaskets and FFKM O-Rings) are rigorously tested and the materials developed are proven to ensure the solutions provided are the most suitable for your application. As such, our technical experts have the knowledge and the expertise to create the most chemically resistant rubber products possible.

Our team can design a product that fits your application’s specifications.

We pride ourselves on working with our clients throughout the entire process, from concept through to production, to ensure that the products designed meet your exact specification. Our chemical resistance guide will assist you in selecting the polymer best suited for use with the chemicals it will come into contact with.

Materials for chemical transportation seals

We have a multitude of materials proven to withstand the challenges of the road chemical transportation industry, including FFKM (Perfluoroelastomer), FKM (Fluoroelastomer) and PTFE. Rubber products used in this industry must be highly chemically resistant but also perform in extreme temperature ranges.

Things to consider:

  • Materials that are highly resistant
  • Easy cleaning properties
  • Reusable seals for cost-effectiveness

PTFE is known for its hygienic properties, but for chemical transportation, one of the essential aspects of this material is its ability to be easily cleaned. This is especially important for the transportation of chemicals, as it reduces the risk of contamination from one cargo to another and allows seals to be reused, providing a cost-effective solution. As a result, PTFE / rubber bonded seals are a popular choice for the road chemical transportation industry.

Another high performing polymer for this particular industry is Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM). A fundamental requirement of the road chemical transportation industry is chemically resistant rubber sealing. TRP’s range of FFKM materials have been thoroughly tested and proven in service to offer resistance to a huge variety of chemicals. We have also developed low temperature (-40°c) and high temperature (316°c) materials to function at extreme temperatures.

Source rubber products with a reputable supplier

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