Rubber components for the defence industry from TRP Polymer Solutions

At TRP, we are skilled in manufacturing and supplying quality rubber products to meet the specific requirements of the defence industry. To ensure your defence rubber product meets exacting demands, you can trust our skilled polymer technologists to create the most suitable rubber product for your defence application needs.

What defence rubber products can TRP offer?

At TRP, we can produce a range of rubber components for the defence industry. We are experts in manufacturing CBRN resistant seals and diaphragms that are often used in breathing apparatus in the defence industry and can produce components for tank track pads.

Which rubber materials for the defence industry are used?

Our rubber materials for the defence industry comprises of FKM, as well as our TRPlast perfluroroelastomer material, which is recommended for use with defence equipment such as braking and landing gear. FKM and FFKM compounds offer resistance to the most aggressive fuels, oils and hydraulic fluids and for this reason; they are often employed within the military sector.

Why come to TRP for your rubber components for the defence industry?

We offer proven experience and expertise in material development, particularly FFKM O-Rings for use in aggressive chemical environments or extreme hot or cold temperatures. Our experience and success in designing rubber materials for the defence industry means that we will be able to advise you on the right material and product for your chosen application. Due the high level of flexibility that we can offer in terms of being able to respond quickly to a customer’s requirements, we are often regarded as an excellent supplier for anyone looking for products specific to the defence industry.

Our knowledge and advice is unparalleled – so for more information on defence rubber products, or advice on products that relate to your business, contact us via our enquiry form, email us directly at or call us on +44 (0) 1432 268899 to speak to a member of our team.