The advantages of ultra-low temperature ‘O’ Rings

Standard ‘O’ ring materials can struggle to perform optimally in ultra-low temperature applications. Once temperatures are reduced to below the working limits of the material they resist the deformation that usually occurs under pressure and is so vital to maintain seal integrity. This is where specialised ultra-low temperature ‘O’ rings offer the perfect solution.

Ultra low temperature perfluoroelastomer (FFKM)

Whenever manufacturers approach us for an ultra-low temperature ‘O’ ring solution where exceptional chemical resistance is required our first port of call is to direct them towards the remarkable properties of Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM). This innovative elastomer combines the chemical resistance of PTFE with the elasticity of FKM. On a molecular level, the fully fluorinated backbone of FFKM ensures its chemical, oxidative and thermal stability.

Extreme low temperature ‘O’ rings

It’s those inherent thermal and chemical resistant properties that make our LT-45 FFKM grade the material of choice for ultra-low temperature applications. Unlike standard ‘O’ ring materials, this FFKM maintains its sealing integrity even at extreme temperatures. Used in everything from chemical processing to pharmaceuticals and oil recovery, this wonder material can increase service life, reduce plant downtime and minimise maintenance costs.

TRP Polymer Solutions’ polymer technologists developed our ultra-low temperature LT-45 FFKM grade specifically for low-temperature elastomer ‘O’ rings. This advanced ‘O’ ring material for low-temperature environments performs optimally even at temperatures as low as -55°C whilst retaining its best in class chemical resistance.

Source low temperature ‘O’ rings from TRP Polymer Solutions

State-of-the-art ultra-low temperature TRPlast™ FFKM ‘O’ rings from TRP Polymer Solutions can be supplied on lead times as short as 48 hours. For more bespoke ‘O’ ring orders, where tooling is required, our rapid tooling capabilities enable us to deliver custom moulding within 7 days. All of our premium ‘O’ ring products undergo rigorous quality control and performance testing to ensure you receive the most reliable and high-performance product possible.

Our polymer technologists are always on hand to guide you through your ‘O’ ring material selection process. For more information about ultra-low temperature ‘O’ rings, or to discuss your specific application requirements with one of our experts, contact TRP Polymer Solutions today on +44 (0)1432 268899 or