Pharmaceutical industry rubber products from TRP Polymer

TRP Polymer Solutions have the technical expertise and knowledge to design custom pharmaceutical rubber products. Our understanding of the industry and the demands that come with it means we can tailor your pharmaceutical-grade rubber product to the exact needs of the environment.

Why choose TRP as your pharmaceutical rubber manufacturers

As pharmaceutical rubber manufacturers, we can offer custom seals and FFKM O-Rings for mixing, pumping, sampling and dispensing equipment. At TRP, we are very aware of the demands of the industry and therefore are cautious in supplying reliable and hygienic products, that meet the FDA requirements. Part of our manufacturing process is rigorous quality checks at every stage to produce the highest performing product possible.

We will work with you to create prototypes, all the way through to a perfect product ready for operation. This process ensures that we can match the grade of rubber required for your product to function reliably in your industry. TRP custom design technically brilliant, innovative and flawless pharmaceutical rubber products.

Finding the correct pharmaceutical-grade rubber

Out of our vast material selection, the type of rubber most suited to the pharmaceutical industry would be our own TRPlast FFKM. More specifically, the grade TRPlast 643 USP class VI rubber could be the best rubber for your application as it has been developed to come into contact with pharmaceutical ingredients. Our USP class VI rubber is designed for industries that require total precision. Our experience allows us to confidently select the perfect pharmaceutical-grade rubber for your industry needs and produce consistent and durable rubber solutions.

Contact TRP Polymer Solutions

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