What are the applications of FFKM?

Perfluoroelastomer, or FFKM as it’s more commonly known, is a remarkable material. A highly fluorinated version of fluoroelastomer, FFKM is famed for its chemical inertness and a thermal stability that enables it to operate at temperature extremes of -45 °C to +330 °C. Unsurprisingly, given these credentials, FFKM is a material in high demand. Read on to find out which industrial applications can benefit from the brilliance of FFKM.

What is FFKM and how is it made?

Perfluoroelastomers (FFKM) were invented in the 1960s in an attempt to combine the chemical resistance of PTFE with the mechanical properties of FKM. Initially used in space programmes and chemical processes, FFKM has become a popular choice across many industries, particularly in the automotive and aerospace industries. Not least because of its reliability, which has seen this remarkable material reduce downtime across many applications.

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Why choose FFKM?

FFKM rubber seals deliver an impressive array of benefits. Chief among them are excellent chemical resistance and a broad operating temperature of -45°C to +330°C. This explains FFKM’s growing popularity; especially in the most extreme application environments.

Here are just some of the typical applications that can benefit from using FFKM seals and components.

Chemical processing

FFKM’s near universal chemical resistance makes it a no-brainer for use in the chemical industries. Typical chemical processing applications for FFKM parts and seals include reaction column seals, wet chemical fluid handling, chemical etching and heavy-duty cleaning processes.

Oil and gas

FFKM is resistant to more than 1,800 different chemicals, including hydrocarbons, oils and fuels. Combined with its suitability for explosive environments, FFKM is a natural choice for oil and gas applications, such as pump and motor stators, packer elements and a variety of sealing applications.


FFKM is intended for use in the most demanding environments and they don’t come more demanding than those found in the aerospace industry. TRP Polymer Solutions is a leading manufacturer of aerospace seals, aircraft piston rings and seal rings for aircraft engines. Our aerospace seals offer a safe and durable solution.

Heavy-duty machinery

FFKM is employed in heavy-duty machinery used in critical processes. Essentially, anywhere where mechanical seals, pumps and valves demand optimal performance in extreme conditions. The proven performance and durability of FFKM parts and seals means increased equipment uptime for better productivity.


FFKM’s superior resistance to high temperatures, ozone, weathering, ageing and a wide range of chemicals (including oils and fuels) make it a prime material for automotive applications. It is prevalent along the complete fuel supply chain in everything from fuel injectors to high pressure pumps and gearbox seals.

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