What is the manufacturing process for custom rubber products?

If you’ve never worked with a rubber manufacturer before you may be wondering what the manufacturing process for custom rubber parts looks like in practice. If you’re collaborating with a world-class polymer manufacturer like TRP Polymer Solutions, you’re likely to experience a multi-step process that takes in conceptual design through to prototyping, pre-production and volume production. Here, we talk you through each part of the process step by step. 

The manufacturing process for custom rubber products is a collaborative one here at TRP Polymer Solutions. We‘re a rubber manufacturer that likes to work closely with our customers – be they end users, OEMs, agents or resellers – to develop the optimal high-performance product. We provide a full turnkey solution, from concept through to volume production, which means we can offer expert support at every stage of the process.

Conceptual Design

Having understood the parameters of your product, we will develop a bespoke conceptual design. This encompasses everything from CAD designs and comprehensive computer modelling to test the feasibility and integrity of our designs through to the design and formulation of our desired blend of polymer materials. 

Polymer Prototype

The prototyping stage enables us to undertake further, more rigorous testing of the product design before we take it to production. Once the desired polymer has satisfied our in-house laboratory and validation testing, we will then produce fully working polymer prototypes from single cavity mould tools that facilitate process optimisation. 


On approval of your prototype, our technical experts will then move on to scaling up our pre-production processes to produce your part in volume. Preparation is key at this stage with the precise development of multi-cavity mould tools and ongoing process optimisation to facilitate a finalised production process that runs smoothly.


Having laid the foundations with the previous steps, all that’s left to do is to manufacture your products. TRP Polymer Solutions is one of the most well-respected polymer manufacturers in the UK, producing quality end products that are made to the highest standards and delivered 100% on-time – even to lead-times as short as 48 hours.

Why choose TRP Polymer Solutions?

TRP Polymer Solutions is the total rubber manufacturer. Our material development expertise is second to none, which means we can not only assist your choice of material but we can also formulate and blend it to perfection. Our technical know-how extends well beyond just materials though. We have vast experience of producing bespoke parts for even the most demanding of applications, across a diverse range of applications and industries.

Make TRP Polymer Solutions your rubber manufacturer of choice for superior polymer seals and components. To find out more about our high-quality polymer products and manufacturing processes, or to discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact TRP Polymer Solutions today on +44(0)1432 268899 or email sales@trp.co.uk