Which applications benefit from FFKM rubber seals?

If you are in the market for a durable sealing solution for a demanding application, FFKM rubber seals offer outstanding advantages. Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) rubber seals offer the dual benefits of excellent chemical resistance and a wide operating temperature of -40°C to +330°C, making them ideally suited to the harshest of applications.

In this article, TRP Solutions explores some of the applications that can benefit from FFKM rubber seals.

FFKM rubber seals for chemical applications

When applied in chemical processing applications, FFKM rubber seals can significantly reduce downtime and overall maintenance costs. FFKM materials, like our TRPlast range of compounds, offer near-universal chemical resistance, similar to that of PTFE but with elastomeric properties comparable to standard fluorocarbon rubbers.

Both durable and reliable, FFKM rubber seals are able to withstand even the most extreme chemical processing environments. With this in mind, FFKM is a proven sealing material for rubber seals used in pumps and valves that are found in chemical processing equipment.

FFKM rubber seals are also ideal for road, rail, and maritime chemical transportation. FFKM contains 72.5% fluorine with a completely fluorinated backbone chain, the maximum level of fluorine content available in an elastomer. This molecular structure gives FFKM its innate chemical resistance. Specifying FFKM rubber seals offers the ideal solution where multiple different chemicals can be transported, to ensure your seals will have resistance to the broadest range of substances.

FFKM rubber seals for oil & gas applications

While chemical applications are among the most common uses for FFKM rubber seals, there are other scenarios where their durability can prove useful. One of these is in oil & gas applications. Much like chemical processing, oil and gas applications also involve hazardous environments with high temperatures and demanding conditions. FFKM seals possesses excellent resistance to fuel and oil, making them suitable for such applications.

Most standard polymers do not offer the combination of high temperature and chemical resistance necessary to perform to the desired level in oil and gas applications. This minimises the chances of exploration and recovery of oil, gas and hydrocarbons. FFKM rubber offers excellent sour gas resistance and can be formulated for rapid gas decompression (RGD) resistance. These qualities mean they can overcome such difficulties, allowing safe operation in the harsh environments and high pressures seen in oil and gas applications.

FFKM rubber seals from TRP Polymer Solutions

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