Ultra-Low Temperature Perfluoroelastomer

TRP Polymer Solutions’ experienced and knowledgeable polymer technologists have the technical expertise to manufacture ultra-low temperature ‘O’ rings. Our advanced materials are designed to reduce maintenance costs and equipment downtime by significantly improving the lifespan and performance of pumps, valves and couplings.

Our unique ultra-low temperature TRPlast™ perfluoroelastomer ‘O’ ring material, LT-45 FFKM, provides the widest possible range for dynamic sealing. Even in extreme temperatures as low as -45 °C for continuous operation. Make TRP Polymer Solutions your trusted expert of choice for ultra-low temperature elastomeric seals.

Ultra-Low Temperature O-ring

Ultra-low temperature LT-45 FFKM

Seals will typically fail in ultra-low temperatures when the low temperature limit is reached. In these situations, the elastomer resists deformation to pressure and leak paths can arise. This is why material selection is absolutely paramount to guarantee the failsafe performance of ultra-low temperature ‘O’ ring seals.

TRP Polymer Solutions has developed our own ultra-low temperature TRPlast™ LT-45 FFKM using market-leading polymer technology. With sealing integrity assured, FFKM is the perfect choice of material for extreme applications because it increases service life, reduces plant downtime and minimises maintenance costs.

Ultra-low temperature ‘O’ rings suit even the most specialised industry. For that reason, FFKM is usually the material we direct people to when it comes to sourcing the right product for ultra-low temperature applications. Our polymer technologists are on hand to guide you with your material selection choices.

Benefits of ultra-low temperature ‘O’ rings

Ultra-low temperature ‘O’ rings manufactured from our own unique TRPlast™ LT-45 grade of FFKM offer the following benefits:

  • TRPlast™ LT-45 FFKM is specially developed for ultra-low temperatures.
  • This unique grade of FFKM functions in temperatures as low as -45 °C.
  • Suitable for chemical processing, pharmaceutical, oil and gas recovery.
  • Exhibits the chemical and heat resistance associated with FFKM.
  • With the additional benefits of extreme low temperature use.
  • Complemented by specialist ultra-low temperature FKM materials.

Ultra-low temperature ‘O’ ring applications

Designed to operate in many different industries, our ultra-low temperature ‘O’ rings are trusted to withstand the rigours of even the most demanding applications. These highly durable FFKM ‘O’ rings are employed across a wide spectrum of industries due to their exceptional thermal and chemical resistance.

Manufactured from high-grade TRPlast™ FFKM, our ultra-low temperature ‘O’ rings are guaranteed to deliver durability, lower maintenance requirements and effective machine operation. Our bespoke ‘O’ rings are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, including:

  • Highly aggressive chemical processing
  • Semiconductor wafer fabrication
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Oil and gas recovery
  • Aerospace applications

Ultra-low temperature ‘O’ rings from TRP Polymer Solutions

High-performance TRPlast™ FFKM seals from TRP Polymer Solutions can be supplied as custom mouldings and as standard ‘O’ rings. Our ultra-low temperature ‘O’ rings can also be supplied on lead times as short as 48 hours. For more bespoke ‘O’ ring orders, where tooling is required, custom moulding may be supplied within seven days.

For more information about our range of ultra-low temperature ‘O’ rings, or to receive a quote, please contact us today by calling 01432 268899 or email the team directly at sales@trp.co.uk.


What is the best ‘O’ ring material for low temperature applications?

Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) is hard to beat when it comes to developing ultra-low temperature ‘O’ rings. As well as near universal chemical resistance, this high-performance material can be cured to form crosslinks that enhance FFKM’s already sterling thermal stability. This enables us to develop our patented TRPlast™ LT-45 FFKM.

What is the low temperature sealing capability of elastomer ‘O’ rings?

Most typical elastomer ‘O’ rings will fail beyond a certain low temperature threshold. They no longer flex and deform adequately, which enables leak paths to form. However, our TRPlast™ LT-45 FFKM is precision engineered to perform in the most extreme low temperatures – even as low as -45 °C.

Why buy extreme low temperature ‘O’ rings from TRP Polymer Solutions?

The ability to design and manufacture high-grade materials like TRPlast™ LT-45 FFKM does not happen by chance. When you partner with TRP Polymer Solutions, your business not only benefits from the most advanced seal materials available, but also some of the industry’s most experienced and highly skilled polymer experts.

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