Custom Moulded Rubber Seals

No matter what industry you work in, TRP Polymer Solutions can provide custom moulded rubber seals that meet your exact industry requirements as part of our custom moulded solutions. Thanks to our years of experience and knowledge, we can tailor our custom rubber seal designs to your precise requirements.

Custom moulded rubber seals from TRP

When creating your custom moulded rubber seals, our polymer technicians take into consideration the various harsh environments that your custom moulded rubber seals may come into contact with. This means that you can be sure your precision rubber products will perform to the ability you require when installed in your chosen application.

Here, at TRP Polymer Solutions we make precision rubber products that are of the highest quality, are completely durable and reliable for your industry application. We have a variety of materials available for your application including our very own TRPlast™ Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM). We are able to help you select the polymer that will most suit your industry and the environment in which the seal will be used.

To view our full range of polymers that can be used to create your bespoke precision rubber products, please visit our Polymer Types page. Or, if you are still unsure about which polymer material to will be ideal for your custom-made rubber seal, contact our highly experienced technical team today, who have years of experience in undertaking custom rubber seal projects and will be able to equip you with practical advice about your specific project.

For further information about what to consider when choosing polymer materials, please refer to our handy polymer material FAQs.

Industry specific custom rubber seals

Chemical processing

For the chemical processing industry, we are able to design custom-made rubber seals that are chemically resistant to be used specifically in this temperamental environment. For example, custom rubber seals in this industry can be used as mechanical seals.

Aerospace and defence

We understand that for aerospace and defence industries, custom moulded rubber seals would have to be both heat and chemically resistant because of the pressures of those particular environments. Our custom rubber seals meet both of these criteria and are built to the tightest tolerances.

Oil and gas

Our downhole packers and pipe in pipe water stop seals are designed to cope with the volatile nature of the Oil and Gas industries. We design and develop precision rubber products you can trust in the extreme pressures of these industries.

Food, pharmaceutical and biotechnology

These seals are designed using specific grades that have been developed for hygienic applications, such as the food and pharmaceutical industries. Each custom moulded rubber seal maintains its integrity when faced with the challenges that these industries offer.

Road, rail and maritime chemical transportation

We can develop custom pump seals and man lid and access hatch seals for the road, rail and maritime chemical transportation industries.

Nuclear energy

The nuclear energy depends on durable products that can withstand the extreme factors of the industry. Our window seals, glove box seals and radioactive waste containment drum lid seals, for example depend on the reliability of the custom-made rubber seals, designed with the nuclear elements in mind.

Contact TRP Polymer Solutions

TRP Polymer Solutions can work with you to develop custom moulded rubber seals that not only meet your application requirements, but exceed all expectations. 

Whether you require a bespoke rubber moulding that is temperature resistant, universally chemical resistant or thermally resistant, we can design, develop and manufacture the perfect rubber seals for you. 

For more information about our custom moulded rubber seals, bespoke rubber mouldings or high-performance FFKM O-Rings, talk to one of our technical experts today. 

Contact TRP Polymer Solutions on +44(0)1432 268899 or email us at

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