Aerospace and Defence

The aerospace and defence industries require components built to the tightest tolerances, with high chemical and heat resistances. Thanks to our many years of experience developing made to order components, aerospace seals can be custom made at TRP Polymer Solutions to meet your project requirements. Our unmatched expertise in elastomeric technology allows our engineers to produce safer and more reliable products.

Defence and aerospace seal materials

All of our components are produced using high-performance polymers suitable for aerospace and defence applications. Our vast material selection allows us to manufacture seals for aerospace applications, such as aerospace FFKM O-rings and hydraulic landing gear, which are hard-wearing and resistant to high temperatures and chemicals.

In addition to this, we can also produce a range of components designed specifically for the defence industry. We are experts in manufacturing NBRC resistant seals and diaphragms used in breathing apparatus in the defence industry and can produce components for tank trackpads.

Our material selection comprises of FKM as well as our TRPlast Perfluroroelastomer material, which is recommended for use with turbine engines, fuel delivery systems, hydraulic actuation, braking and landing gear. FKM and FFKM compounds offer resistance to the most aggressive fuels, oils and hydraulic fluids, often used within the Military and Commercial Aerospace sectors.

High performance elastomers for aerospace and defence applications

Aerospace rubber seals

All of our aerospace seals are manufactured to suit individual, specific applications. Our components are manufactured to improve performance and reliability whilst reducing maintenance costs. We only use high-performance polymers for aerospace, so you can be sure that your seal maintains its integrity, even in the most extreme conditions. Our extensive design experience allows us to manufacture aerospace seals, specifically with the aerospace and defence industry in mind.

As a leading manufacturer of aerospace seals, aircraft piston rings and seal rings for aircraft engines, we work closely with our in-house engineers in order to ensure your products meet the required specification. Our aerospace seals offer a safe, durable and solution for the aerospace and defence industry.

If you would like more information on our range of seals, please contact our technical team today on 01432 268899. Alternatively, read our Aerospace and Defence FAQs to learn more.

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