Delivering Outstanding Sealing Solutions for the most challenging of applications

At TRP Polymer Solutions, we are adept at delivering outstanding sealing solutions for even the most challenging industrial applications. We understand how critical the seal design and material selection is in aggressive and unforgiving environments. At TRP Polymer Solutions, we manufacture industrial rubber seals with the application in mind, helping our customers achieve their efficiency and reliability objectives.

Industrial rubber seal manufacturers

Through the effective utilisation of high performance materials and polymers for industrial applications, we are able to manufacture custom engineered seals for industry applications, from a wide range of elastomers and polymers in order to offer extended machinery service life, reduced maintenance costs and assured sealing integrity. Our wide range of materials and polymer solutions include:

  • Butyl
  • EPDM
  • Natural Rubber
  • Nitrile
  • FFKM
  • Polyurethane
  • PTFE
  • Silicone
  • FKM
  • HNBR

Our knowledge of materials, process technologies and polymers for industrial applications allow us to develop bespoke engineered precision rubber moulded components for virtually any industry. Manufacturing industrial rubber seals and FFKM O-Rings, our in-house polymer technologists work with your team in order to develop materials to meet your industry and sealing requirements, putting the solution into production quickly and cost-effectively. As expert manufacturers of seals for industry applications, our attention to tight tolerances and precise understanding of client requirements is second to none.

Seals for industry applications

At TRP Polymer Solutions, our production capabilities are designed to cope with any manufacturing requirement, from one-off projects to the regular production of high volume industrial rubber seal components. Through our extensive knowledge and experience in material technology and custom engineered sealing solutions, we manufacture a wide range of seals for industry applications, including:

The combination of advanced polymer technology and process innovation makes TRP Polymer Solutions the ideal supplier for your seals for industry applications. If you would like to discuss your industrial rubber seal requirements further, please contact our technical team today on 01432 268899.

View our useful factsheets for more information about our range of rubber seals for industrial applications:

At TRP Polymer Solutions, our highly skilled technical staff can advise you on the most suitable material selection for your industrial rubber seal requirements. Contact us today for more information about our seals for industry settings and for in-depth guidance regarding turnaround times.


Food, Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

The very best in materials and process technologies plus total quality management at every stage of the process ensures every single component is of the highest standard.

Aerospace and Defence

The aerospace and defence industries require components built to the tightest tolerances and with high chemical and heat resistances. TRP have many years of experience in the development of components for the aerospace and defence industries.

Road, Rail and Maritime Chemical Transportation

With years of successful innovation, TRP Polymer Solutions has become the natural choice for the design and development of elastomeric products for use in the road, rail and marine transportation sectors.

Oil and Gas

Exploration for and recovery of oil, gas and hydrocarbons is becoming increasingly difficult and dangerous. These challenging environments involve ever increasing exposure to high temperatures and pressures.

Nuclear Energy

TRP Polymer Solutions has been a proud supplier to the British nuclear energy and power generation industry for over 25 years.

Rubber for Chemical Processing

Aggressive and volatile chemicals require special care when handling to ensure the safety of the operator and the environment. The materials that contain them need superb chemical and temperature resistances.

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