Custom Moulded Rubber Solutions

TRP Polymer Solutions is an industry-leading rubber moulding manufacturer of custom rubber seals. We design, develop and produce a wide range of custom moulded rubber products, including gaskets, diaphragms and seals. Our high-performance products provide a reliable and cost-effective specialist solution to customers worldwide.

With over 25 years’ experience of successful component design and development, our custom rubber mouldings are used in specialist and severe environments across countless applications. For failsafe custom moulded rubber products, make TRP Polymer Solutions your custom rubber mouldings supplier of choice.

Custom moulded rubber products from TRP

Our technologists use the latest polymers and process technologies to develop optimum custom moulded rubber products, providing you with a solution that balances quality, performance and cost.

At TRP Polymer Solutions, our rubber manufacturing facilities are equipped to handle all manner of custom rubber mouldings, from a one-off prototype to high-volume runs. We can offer the rapid delivery of new tooling and first off samples within 7 days, depending on the geometry and material requirements.

You can learn more about our precision rollers and laser-cut gaskets by watching the video below.

Manufacturing custom rubber mouldings

As a leading rubber moulding manufacturer, TRP Polymer Solutions is adept at providing customers with a precision rubber solution fit for their needs. Servicing various industries, our custom rubber moulding solutions include:

Custom rubber seals

• Soft seated PTFE rubber bonded butterfly valve seals.
• Downhole packers and pipe-in-pipe water stop seals.
• PTFE protected manlid seals.
• Formula 1 powertrain and KERS seals.
• Glove box and window seals for nuclear industry applications.
• Seals for chemical processing.

Custom rubber diaphragms

• High-performance PTFE rubber bonded diaphragms.
• Demand valve diaphragms for self-contained breathing apparatus.
• Fabric reinforced diaphragms.
• Thin-walled diaphragms for precision flex characteristics.

Custom rubber gaskets

• PTFE protected gaskets for use in chemical processing applications.
• Chlorine electrolyser cell gaskets.
• FDA gaskets for food processing applications.
• Gaskets for chemical processing.

Custom rubber mouldings

• Confectionary depositing line sweet moulds.
• RGD resistant mouldings for Oil and Gas applications.
• Rubber to metal bonded products.
• Technical foam and sponge conversion.

Alternative custom rubber mouldings

• Precision rubber to metal bonded valve assemblies.
• Precision ground rubber rollers.
• Cast polyurethane bellows.
• AV mountings.

TRP Polymer Solutions is on hand to provide custom rubber mouldings for a wide range of industries. If you require further information or advice about our custom rubber moulding services, please contact us today by calling 01432 268899 or email

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