Oil and Gas

Future exploration and recovery of hydrocarbons will become ever more difficult, resulting in even higher temperatures, pressures and more aggressive fluids used in the extraction and refining processes. It is therefore imperative to source the most durable and reliable sealing solutions to execute these types of high stake applications.

This is where TRP Polymer Solutions can give you that extra edge. Our TRPlast™ Perfluoroelastomer FFKM is the ideal material for the most severe downhole conditions. With leading chemical resistance to sour gas and other fluids, in combination with Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) resistance, TRPlast™ perfluoroelastomer is our material of choice when it comes to producing exceptional oil resistant O-rings and RGD resistant seals.

What are oil and gas seals?

Oil and gas seals are typically used in harsh working environments, including oil exploration, extraction and refining, as well as in petrochemical industries, gas transmission and chemical processing. There are numerous sealing challenges faced by the Oil and Gas industry, both in terms of critical processes and components. Oil O-ring materials must, therefore, comply with various national and international approvals, notably Norsok M-710, to ensure operator safety, equipment reliability and minimal downtime.

TRP Polymer Solutions has years of experience producing high-quality oil resistant O-rings for, and working closely with, the Oil and Gas industry. We are experts at developing specialist oil resistant O-rings and RGD resistant seals that are designed to perform exceptionally well in the harsh environments associated with oil exploration and extraction, as well as meeting all necessary safety approvals.
Oil Resistant O-Rings

Oil resistant o-rings from TRP Polymer Solutions

Our TRPlast™ ED105 FFKM material is the ideal choice for oil O-rings, quad rings, t-Seal, backup rings, plug packers, valve stem packers, rotating equipment and sampling apparatus. In addition, grades with full Norsok M-710 approval can be supplied as custom moulded parts or high-performance oil resistant O-rings.

TRP Polymer Solutions also offers a range of RGD (AED) materials – certified to Norsok M-710 – available in HNBR seals, AFLAS seals, FKM & FFKM seals. For further details about all our oil and gas sealing solutions and specialist elastomer grades, please contact us today. Our technical advisers are ready and waiting to offer their guidance regarding material selection, pricing and lead times.

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