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Types of oil resistant rubber

29 November 2018

TRP Polymer Solutions employs a range of oil resistant materials for the manufacture of high-performance sealing solutions destined for heavy-duty industries. Offering superior resistance to oils, sour gas, chemicals and rapid gas decompression (RGD), our oil resistant rubber materials are simply the best.

How custom gasket solutions have evolved

27 November 2018

At TRP Polymer Solutions we understand that off-the-shelf gaskets often fall short in many industrial applications. As such, our technical experts are adept at working closely with customers to develop custom gasket solutions that are made specifically for the job. In this article, TRP Polymer Solutions talks you through the evolution of gaskets that has brought us to the bespoke solutions now available today.

Chemical resistant ‘O’ ring materials

22 November 2018

In chemical sealing applications it is imperative that ‘O’ rings retain their integrity. Chemical resistant ‘O’ rings are the only seals that guarantee a high-performance sealing solution that can withstand the demands of chemical media. In this article, TRP Polymer Solutions introduces you to the most reliable chemical resistant ‘O’ ring materials.

Guide to FDA grade rubber materials

20 November 2018

The US-based Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is tasked with protecting public health by imposing stringent standards on the manufacture of food and cosmetics. Accordingly, any rubber materials that come into contact with these consumables must adhere to FDA regulations. In this article, TRP Polymer Solutions illustrates some of the most popular FDA grade rubber materials.

The advantages of ultra-low temperature ‘O’ Rings

16 November 2018

Standard ‘O’ ring materials can struggle to perform optimally in ultra-low temperature applications. Once temperatures are reduced to below the working limits of the material they resist the deformation that usually occurs under pressure and is so vital to maintain seal integrity. This is where specialised ultra-low temperature ‘O’ rings offer the perfect solution.

Difference between an ‘O’ ring and a gasket

11 October 2018

Although they are both used for sealing, gaskets and ‘O’ rings are actually quite distinct in appearance and application. To avoid unnecessary cost and extended downtime, it is essential to specify the right type of seal for the job. Here, TRP Polymer Solutions explains the difference between gaskets vs ‘O’ rings.

Rubber vs silicone ‘O’ rings

10 October 2018

When choosing between different types of ‘O’ ring materials, a common conundrum is whether to opt for rubber ‘O’ rings or silicone ‘O’ rings. In this blog, TRP Polymer Solutions assesses the pros and cons of rubber vs silicone ‘O’ rings to assist with your decision-making process.

The chemistry behind FFKM’s temperature range

23 July 2018

In this article, TRP Polymer Solutions explores the chemical properties that lead to FFKM’s temperature range capabilities.

FKM Rubber vs PTFE: Which is the ultimate fluorinated material?

20 July 2018

In this article, TRP Polymer Solutions pitches both materials against each other in an FKM vs PTFE comparison to see which is the ultimate fluorinated material.

The benefits and uses of PTFE

15 June 2018

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a remarkable polymeric material. Not only is it highly chemical resistant, durable, flexible, and electrically and thermally resistive, it is also an extremely cost-effective option for high-performance seals and 'O' rings. Here, TRP Polymer Solutions talks you through PTFE’s uses and properties.