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How TRP aims to move to more sustainable materials

01 April 2022

When it comes to creating a new polymer product, developing the material is often the first step in the process. This can involve extensive testing to evaluate a new polymer material in environments that replicate service conditions. TRP Polymer Solutions is moving towards using more sustainable materials and has developed a new EPDM that produces […]

FFKM O-Rings: The perfect seal for extreme conditions

12 March 2022

In extreme application environments, where the margins for error are narrow and the safety of personnel and machinery are often at risk, failure simply isn’t an option. Such conditions demand failsafe solutions and this where FFKM O-rings and FFKM gaskets excel, delivering effective, reliable and durable sealing solutions that you can depend on time and […]

How TRP Polymer Solutions creates unique and innovate custom rubber products

12 March 2022

If you’ve never worked with TRP Polymer Solutions before, you might be wondering how we go about producing custom rubber products. We specialise in working with customers utilising our many years of experience, innovation, and application to develop products to meet their requirements for the most demanding applications. In this article, we give you a […]

The importance of prototyping for new rubber products

22 February 2022

In the rubber manufacturing industry nothing is left to chance. Even the smallest, most innocuous looking rubber parts undergo rigorous virtual and laboratory testing to simulate their behaviour in a real-life application environment. All of these learnings are then translated into a prototype to provide proof of concept. Here, TRP Polymer Solutions explains what goes […]

Choosing the correct polymer material for your application

12 February 2022

Naturally, you want to select the right polymeric materials for your industry application. Here at TRP Polymer Solutions, we work with a diverse array of customers from all walks of industry. Whether your business is in aerospace or motorsport, food and beverage or nuclear, we can recommend the most appropriate polymer types for your specific […]

What is Neoprene used for?

30 January 2022

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that is famously the material of choice for wetsuits. What you may not know is that the numerous favourable properties of neoprene – such as excellent tear strength, thermal stability and resistance to oils, solvents, ozone, UV and oxidation – make this versatile material a useful choice for a wide […]

Which polymers are chemical resistant?

15 January 2022

With chemical processing applications, there can be no half measures when it comes to selecting the right polymer for mission-critical seals and components. Only the highest levels of reliability, durability and chemical resistance will do. In this article, TRP Polymer Solutions highlights some of our most robust chemical resistant rubber materials. Chemical resistant rubber materials […]

Why are polymers useful?

30 December 2021

Polymers are a class of natural and synthetic substances made up of extremely large molecules, known as macromolecules, which are multiples of simpler molecules called monomers. Polymers make up many natural substances, such as proteins and cellulose. Not to mention many man-made materials, like paper, plastics and rubbers. In this article, we’ll explain why polymers […]

Which polymer makes the best temperature resistant ‘O’ ring?

14 December 2021

We have dozens of polymers at our disposal at TRP Polymer Solutions. Matching the correct polymer to the application conditions is both a science and an artform, which we’ve perfected over nearly 20 years in business. But which polymers make the best temperature resistant ‘O’ rings? Here, we’ll explore some of the most effective high […]

What are the top 5 rubber materials and their applications?

11 November 2021

There is far more to rubber than just the natural latex you see harvested from rubber trees. In fact, countless synthetic rubbers have been developed over the decades that combine the elasticity of natural rubber with an added injection of various other beneficial properties, such as chemical, thermal and ozone resistance. Here, TRP Polymer Solutions […]