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Supporting the Design Process from Concept through to Volume Production

At TRP, we support the rubber moulding design process from concept through to production. Working in close collaboration with our customers to develop high-quality technical solutions, we will support each stage of your development project, utilising the skills and knowledge of our experienced polymer technologists.

TRPs manufacturing process of rubber parts from start to finish

At TRP Polymer Solutions, we can support your project through from start to finish. The rubber product manufacturing process involves various stages, including:

  • Specification, development, and testing of new materials for your application.
  • This is then followed by the production of prototype samples for evaluation and testing.
  • Once approved, we can then proceed with manufacturing and commissioning tooling for production.

We are happy to work with you at all stages of the design process to suit your individual requirements.

Benefits of TRPs rubber manufacturing process

At TRP, we have been developing rubber mouldings for over 35 years. Here are a few reasons why you should choose TRP as your custom rubber mouldings provider:

1. Material experts

Thanks to our technical expertise in material development, we can help you choose from a diverse range of materials, each of which serve different purposes and are suitable for diverse environments. We have honed our rubber manufacturing process over many years of working with various industries and a wide range of applications. As such, we can direct you to the best solution for your specific application requirements, bearing in mind important considerations like whether your part will be in used in aggressive chemical environments or extreme temperatures.

2. Unrivalled experience in producing bespoke parts

We pride ourselves on producing rubber mouldings to the tightest tolerances, in materials formulated to meet your specific requirements and for use in the most demanding applications. With our manufacturing process of rubber products, we can deliver one-off parts, through to hundreds of thousands of bespoke parts, all with a quick response time.

3. Experience in producing parts for a wide range of industries

We have experience in providing custom rubber mouldings and FFKM O-Rings to various industries including chemical processing, oil and gas, aerospace and defence, nuclear energy, food, pharmaceutical and biotechnology and road, rail and maritime chemical transportation. As part of our rubber manufacturing process, we assist you to select the most appropriate base polymer, and corresponding ingredients to ensure that the finished rubber product will have the desired hardness, compression set, tensile strength, elongation and other physical properties that your application requires.

4. Technical know-how

We can answer any technical queries you may have during the design and manufacturing process. For further information, please speak to one of our material specialists, so that we can direct you to the most suitable material to be used in the manufacturing process of your rubber products. Please also refer to our in-depth material datasheets for additional information about material specifications.

Contact TRP for information about our rubber moulding process

If you would like to find out more about the rubber manufacturing process and how we can help you to find the ideal bespoke solution for your project, please speak to one of our technical experts today. Contact us on 01432 268899, fill out an enquiry form, or feel free to send your queries to sales@trp.co.uk.

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