Rubber prototyping of both custom moulded products and elastomer compounds is essential for new product development. Prototyping enables us to rigorously test a product design before production begins, to ensure that it will deliver the highest levels of performance and durability. At TRP Polymer Solutions, we can provide you with a pre-production model of your rubber product design, which has been engineered to withstand the daily rigours of your application.

Once we have chosen the right polymer for your application – after having carefully considered key questions about the environment, temperature, physical properties – TRP Polymer Solutions then converts these conceptual ideas into fully working polymer prototype samples, through a consultative approach with you.

So, we can keep you updated about the development of your product at every stage of the process, giving you absolute peace of mind that your rubber product design is developing precisely as it should. Rubber prototyping really does give you the freedom and confidence to develop highly innovative new polymer products in collaboration with TRP Polymer Solutions.

Rubber prototyping

Polymer Technology – Laboratory scale mixed compounds are analysed and tested to set objective performance targets.

Design and Application Engineering – Detailed component design and validation testing, along with in-house laboratory and testing capabilities.

Production ProcessPolymer prototypes are manufactured from single cavity mould tools that allow for process optimisation and the best possible designs for multi cavity production tooling.

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We offer proven experience and expertise in material development, particularly for use in aggressive chemical environments or extreme hot or cold temperatures, such as FFKM O-Rings. Our experience and success is in designing materials specifically for those applications. We also offer flexibility in terms of being able to respond quickly to your requirements. Speak to one of our technical advisors today by calling 01432 268899 or email us directly at

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