TRP Polymer Solutions‘ expertise is in the design, development and manufacture of rubber components, working with polymer suppliers to develop materials to meet our customers’ requirements. We are happy to produce single components or high volume production and to work with our customers to support new product introductions and prototyping at the design stage.

Different types of polymers and their properties

At TRP Polymer Solutions, we produce high performance sealing solutions using a wide range of polymers, which are carefully selected for their unique characteristics and suitability for a range of demanding environments. So, you can be sure that when you specify a polymer sealing product from TRP Polymer Solutions you are receiving the highest grade of polymer materials available on the market today.

Types of polymers utilised at TRP Polymer Solutions

TRP Polymer Solutions is proud of our superior range of materials for rubber components, including:

FKM – offers excellent chemical resistance particularly to oils & steam, high fluorine content grades give improved resistance to high octane and oxygenated fuels. Base resistant grades give improved resistance to steam at higher service temperatures. Typical uses are seals for aerospace engine applications, automotive fuel systems. TRP offer Low-temperature grades with a TR (10) of -45°C, offering excellent dynamic sealing in even the coldest of environments.

FFKM – which has an operating temperature of -30°C to +325°C, is designed to operate effectively in extreme environments, offering outstanding resistance to aggressive chemicals and high temperatures. This material is most commonly used as an FFKM O-Ring and gasket material, guaranteeing the highest levels of sealing performance.

Butyl – which has an operating temperature of -40°C to +120°C and is most commonly used as inner tubes for tyres, bladders and diaphragm applications. This type of polymer promises excellent resistance to water, acids and bases. We do not recommend butyl for oil/fuel surrounded environments.

EPDM – which has an operating temperature of -50°C to +150°C. This polymer offers outstanding ozone and sunlight resistance and performs well when faced with acids and steam. It is widely used in O-rings, automotive cooling systems, window and glove box seals for nuclear applications and other seals likely to be exposed to extreme weathering.

Nitrile – which is the perfect material to be used in oil surrounded environments, marine and aerospace applications. Although this polymer exhibits poor resistance to sunlight and steam, it has many advantages including its ability to perform well when exposed to acids, oils and non-polar solvents.

Material table for rubber components

The material selection table below is intended to show the key characteristics of the range of materials offered by TRP Polymer Solutions. This can be used to help you assess, at a glance, which polymer material exhibits the specific properties that are ideal for your project requirement.

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We have given you a flavour of just some of the types of polymers that we utilise here at TRP Polymer Solutions. To view our full range, please visit our Polymer Types page. Or, if you are still unsure about which polymer material to specify, then contact our highly experienced technical team today for practical advice about which materials would suit your particular application.

For further information about what to consider when choosing polymer materials, please refer to our handy polymer material FAQs.

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