High Performance FFKM O-Rings

TRP Polymer Solutions manufactures high performance FFKM O-rings for a range of applications. Our technical team engineer rubber O-rings from a range of durable high specification materials. These include:

  • Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM)
  • Fluoroelastomer (FKM)
  • Silicone (MQ/VMQ)
  • Hydrogenated Nitrile (HNBR)
  • Fluorosilicone (FVMQ)

Our high performance FFKM O-rings are available to AS-568A / BS1806 / BS ISO 3601-1 / BS ISO 3601-2 standard sizes, supported by a large range of non-standard tooling. We are committed to manufacturing rubber O-rings that meet your exact specifications.

High performance FFKM O-Rings

FFKM, also known as Perfluoroelastomer, is a high specification material, which boasts a strong resistance to high temperatures with a range between -55OC – 330OC. At TRP, we develop high-performance FFKM O-Rings to suit even the most specialised industry, ensuring product durability, lower maintenance and effective machinery operation.

Benefits of FFKM O-Rings

A benefit of FFKM O rings is the extensive resistance capabilities. FFKM O-rings are not only highly temperature resistant, they are also resistant to gas and liquid permeation, chemicals and oxygen-plasma.

Chemical resistance is an important benefit of FFKM O-rings as they are able to resist over 1,800 different chemicals, including, organic and inorganic acids, hydrocarbons and ketones, to name only a few. This makes high-performance FFKM O-rings suitable for a multitude of industries. These rubber O-rings are often used in highly aggressive chemical processing, semiconductor wafer fabrication, pharmaceutical, oil and gas recovery, and aerospace applications.

Rubber for road chemical transportation

High performance O-Rings available from TRP

As expert manufacturers, here at TRP we are able to produce O-rings to suit any industry. Below, we outline the various high performance O-rings available from TRP:

  • FDA and USP Class VI certified O-rings
  • Norsok M-710 Rapid Gas Decompression Resistant (RGD) O-rings
  • TRPlast FFKM O-rings
  • Radiation resistance EPDM 30H, Nitrile 18L
  • Metal detectable O-rings
  • Insulating O-rings
  • Conductive, anti-static O-rings
  • X-rings, quad rings
  • T-Seals and backup rings
  • Jointed O-rings
  • PTFE protected O-rings
  • PFA/FEP Encapsulated O-rings

For more information on any of these specialist, industry-specific rubber O-rings, talk to our technical team today. We can advise you on the most suitable rubber O-ring for your application.

High performance FFKM O-rings from TRP

TRP is committed to customer care, which is why we offer rapid delivery, supporting customers where lead times are critical. For existing tooling, delivery can be 2-3 working days, while new tooling may take up to 7 days, depending on the size of the product.

Our process is equipped to support all volumes, from single O-rings to high volumes supported by consignment stock and Kanban deliveries. For more information about our high-performance elastomer O-rings, or to receive a quote, please contact us today by calling 01432 268899 or emailing the team directly at sales@trp.co.uk.

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