High Performance FFKM ‘O’-Rings

FFKM is a remarkably durable ‘O’ ring material that is our elastomer of choice for the production of chemical resistant ‘O’ rings. TRP Polymer Solutions manufactures high-performance perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) ‘O’ rings for a wide range of applications. Our high-specification FFKM ‘O’ rings are available to most standard sizes (AS-568A, BS1806 , BS ISO 3601-1, BS ISO 3601-2) and are supported by a large range of non-standard tooling.

FFKM’s carbon-fluorine bonds give it a high-degree of chemical, thermal and ozone resistance with excellent mechanical properties. These attributes make FFKM ‘O’ rings the ideal chemical resistant ‘O’ rings for heavy-duty applications. Source high-performance FFKM ‘O’ rings with rapid delivery from TRP Polymer Solutions today. We have been producing reliable, state-of-the-art ‘O’ rings for satisfied customers worldwide since 2004.

Why choose high-performance FFKM ‘O’ rings?

FFKM combines the sealing force, resistance and elasticity of FKM with the added chemical resistance of PTFE. It also boasts a broad operational temperature range of -45 °C to +330 °C. Which means our chemical resistant ‘O’ rings made from FFKM are designed to perform even in the most demanding sealing applications.

For leak-tight seal reliability, choose high-performance FFKM ‘O’ rings from TRP Polymer Solutions. Our durable FFKM ‘O’ rings are built to last, withstanding everything from explosive decompression to CIP/SIP washdowns. Minimise machine downtime and maximise your productivity with high-performance FFKM ‘O’ rings.

Benefits of FFKM ‘O’ rings

The standout benefit of FFKM ‘O’ rings is their superior chemical resistance. FFKM is capable of resisting over 1,800 different chemicals, including organic and inorganic acids, hydrocarbons and ketones, to name but a few. Find out more about FFKM and chemical resistant ‘O’ rings at our dedicated FFKM Hub.

FFKM ‘O’ rings also offer outstanding resistance to thermal extremes, gas and liquid permeation, and oxygen-plasma. Our unique TRPlast™ range of FFKM offers the highest levels of performance and can often be used in applications where other ‘O’ ring materials would struggle.

Further benefits of FFKM ‘O’ rings include:

  • High density, highly durable.
  • Wide temperature range (-45 °C to +330 °C).
  • Self-extinguishing and non-flammable in air.
  • Excellent weatherability and ozone resistance.
  • Outstanding gas and liquid permeation resistance.
  • Raw compounds sourced from quality-approved suppliers.
  • Good mechanical properties, improving sealing performance.
  • Manufactured to ISO9001 standards to ensure high-quality product.
  • Suitable for explosive decompression, CIP, SIP and hygienic applications.

FFKM ‘O’ rings to suit your industry

High-performance FFKM ‘O’ rings are suitable for a wide range of industries, including:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Oil and gas recovery
  • Aerospace applications
  • Semiconductor wafer fabrication
  • Highly aggressive chemical processing

High-performance ‘O’ ring materials from TRP

TRP Polymer Solutions can manufacture high-performance ‘O’ rings to suit any given application. As well as FFKM ‘O’ rings, our engineers are highly-skilled at developing high-performance ‘O’ rings from a variety of other advanced elastomers, including:

  • Fluoroelastomer (FKM)
  • Silicone (MQ/VMQ)
  • Hydrogenated Nitrile (HNBR)
  • Fluorosilicone (FVMQ)

High-performance ‘O’ ring designs from TRP

As well as our unique TRPlast FFKM ‘O’ rings, we can supply the following types of high-performance ‘O’ rings:

  • FDA and USP Class VI certified ‘O’ rings
  • Norsok M-710 RGD ‘O’ rings
  • Radiation resistance EPDM 30H, Nitrile 18L
  • Metal detectable ‘O’ rings
  • Conductive, anti-static ‘O’ rings
  • X-rings, quad rings
  • T-Seals and backup rings
  • Jointed ‘O’ rings
  • PTFE protected ‘O’ rings
  • PFA/FEP Encapsulated ‘O’ rings

For more information about any of these specialist, industry-specific rubber ‘O’ rings, speak to our technical team here at TRP Polymer Solutions. We can advise you on the most suitable ‘O’ ring for your application.

High-performance ‘O’ rings from TRP

TRP is committed to customer care, which is why we offer rapid delivery, supporting customers where lead times are critical. For existing tooling, delivery can be within 2-3 working days, while new tooling may take up to seven days, depending on the size and scope of the product.

Our processes are equipped to support all volumes, from single chemical resistant ‘O’ rings to high volumes of all-purpose ‘O’ rings. All of which are supported by consignment stock and Kanban deliveries. No wonder so many manufacturers trust TRP to supply their high-performance ‘O’ rings. Read our guide on how to select the correct ‘O’ ring for your application

For more information about our high-performance FFKM ‘O’ rings and other chemical resistant ‘O’ rings, or to receive a quote, please contact us today by calling 01432 268899 or email the team directly at sales@trp.co.uk.


What is FFKM?

Perfluoroelastomers (FFKM) are composed of carbon-fluorine bonds; the strongest single bond in organic chemistry. FFKM contains 72.5% fluorine with a fully fluorinated backbone chain – the maximum fluorination possible whilst still retaining the mechanical properties required for sealing applications. FFKM’s ether group (R-O-R) is the key to it its elastomeric properties and elasticity. Without which, FFKM would act similarly to PTFE.

What does FFKM stand for?

‘FFKM’ is the designated abbreviation given to perfluoroelastomers by ASTM International (formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials), as defined by standard D1418. ’FKM’ is the abbreviation for standard fluoroelastomers and the additional ‘F’ in FFKM denotes the higher levels of fluorine. FFKM is essentially the elastomeric form of PTFE and is the most chemically resistant elastomer available on the market.


FFKM offers more versatility than FKM, due to its superior chemical resistance and wider range of operating temperatures. However, if those parameters are not crucial, and budget is a concern, FKM may provide a cheaper alternative. Our technical experts at TRP Polymer Solutions can offer practical advice and guidance to help you specify the most appropriate chemical resistant ‘O’ rings for your application. Find out more about FFKM vs FKM.

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