Road, Rail and Maritime Chemical Transportation

The transportation of chemicals requires hard-wearing, durable and chemical resistant components and as manufacturers of custom made rubber products for the rail industry, our technologists work in close collaboration with customers to develop high-quality technical solutions.

With a number of years of successful innovation, TRP Polymer Solutions are the natural choice for the design and development of elastomeric rubber for marine, road and rail transportation industries.

Chemical resistant rubber for the rail industry

Supporting the need for the global distribution of chemicals and fluid transfer from storage tankers into bulk containers and IBC’s, TRP Polymer Solutions use only the most durable chemical-resistant materials to ensure safe transportation. By using chemical resistant elastomers for marine applications, you can be safe in the knowledge that your components are fit for use in all types of weather and with a wide range of chemicals.

The diversity of chemical media involved in transportation requires ancillary equipment that can withstand these severe working demands. Our range of components fit for these applications include:

•  Discharge valves
• Couplings
• Pump seals
• Man lid and access hatch seals

Chemical resistant rubber for marine transportation

Rubber for rail industry

As a leading producer of Perfluoroelastomers (FFKM) and composite PTFE components, we have a wide range of chemical-resistant materials available to ensure the rubber product meets the exact requirements of each customer. Our technologists will work to manufacture the rubber component that is an optimum balance of quality, performance and cost, for both existing and made to order products. Read our Maritime Chemical Transportation FAQs.

Our materials are selected with the aim of reducing maintenance costs and equipment downtime by significantly improving the lifespan and performance of your pumps, valves and couplings. We understand how demanding the application environments are and how important it is for the components to be resistant to a wide range of chemicals.

For more information regarding our range of rubber for marine, rail and road transportation purposes, please contact our technical team today on 01432 268899, one of our technical team will be happy to help. Alternatively, for a quick reference guide to help you assess the suitability of an elastomeric material for use with a particular chemical, please view our chemical resistance guide.

Download our useful factsheets for more information about our range of rubber products for the marine and rail industries

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