Material Selection

Identifying the correct material for an application is fundamental to the success of any sealing product’s development. When selecting a material for a particular application, it is critical to understand the physical properties and chemical resistance required of the material. The correct base polymer can then be chosen from TRP Polymer Solutions’ extensive selection of polymer materials. We will then develop the optimal solution for your exact specifications.

For detailed information about the various types of polymers that can be offered at TRP, please refer to our list of polymer types.

Polymer material selection made easy

TRP Polymer Solutions’ polymer technologists only use the latest polymers and process technologies in the development of all our high-grade sealing solutions. We use optimal polymer materials that balance quality, performance and cost – making the process of selecting the most suitable polymer material for your application a simple one.

Our expertise is in developing sealing products that are formulated from the most suitable material for your specific operating environment. Whether it be for new products, the improvement of existing products to offer enhanced service life, or use in more demanding environments (such as extreme temperatures or in contact with aggressive chemicals), TRP Polymer Solutions has the perfect material for your application.

TRP Polymer Solutions’ rubber material selection

TRP Polymer Solutions has more than 25 years’ experience in the successful design and development of custom rubber moulded components. Our precision rubber mouldings, O-rings and seals are used in specialist and extreme environments worldwide, including the aerospace, automotive, chemical processing, Formula 1 and nuclear industries. Correct rubber material selection is crucial for any application, which is why we recommend speaking to one of our experts for comprehensive advice.

FFKM polymer properties

FFKM is extremely chemical and temperature resistant and is a superior choice for a wide range of sealing products. FFKM is typically used in chemical processing equipment, valves, aerospace equipment, motorsport parts and semiconductor applications. It offers outstanding resistance to high temperatures, chemicals, oil, ozone and sunlight. Some of the chemicals that FFKM is resistant to include:

• Aromatics / aliphatic oils
• Acids
• Alkalis
• Alcohols
• Aldehydes
• Amines
• Ethers
• Ethylene
• Esters
• Ketones
• Propylene oxide
• Steam / hot water
• Strong oxidisers

Some grades exhibit poor low temperature properties and can be expensive – one more reason to speak to TRP Polymer Solutions for in-depth FFKM guidance.

For further information about what to consider when choosing polymer materials, please refer to our handy polymer material selection FAQs.

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