Once you have selected the correct polymer materials for your specific application, and you are happy that the polymer prototype we have provided you with is fit for purpose and meets your specifications, TRP Polymer Solutions can then scale up our prototype capability to ramp up your polymer production volumes.

With a team of expert polymer technologists and cutting-edge machinery at our disposal, we have the perfect combination of skills and technology needed to deliver products to your exact specifications. No matter what the industry, from pharmaceutical to chemical processing, TRP Polymer Solutions has the pre-requisite industry experience to provide the ideal polymer solution.

Polymer manufacturing process

At TRP Polymer Solutions, we pride ourselves on our innovative polymer manufacturing process and ability to provide you with solutions as and when you need them. Here are just a few of the benefits of choosing TRP Polymer Solutions for all your polymer production needs:

Polymer technology – We strive to ensure that our polymer materials exhibit the optimal physical properties and cure times, to offer stabilised dimensional repeatability through closely controlled processing parameters.

Design and application engineering – Our polymer prototypes undergo rigorous, extended testing, to encompass fieldwork and end user feedback. This allows the evolution of a design that ultimately achieves vastly improved performance.

Production process – Once our polymer prototypes have been approved we then produce multi-cavity mould tools, and continue process optimisation to facilitate a finalised production process.

To learn more about our manufacturing process watch the video below.

Choose TRP for your polymer manufacturing needs

We focus on delivering custom rubber moulded solutions; from one-off parts, through to hundreds of thousands of bespoke parts. These are supplied to a large variety of industries including nuclear, medical and pharmaceutical, oil and gas, chemical processing and transportation, and motorsport – including formula one race engines.

For specific advice on your industry application, please contact us using our enquiry form or email us directly at Alternatively, you can speak to one of our technical advisors by calling 01432 268899.

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