Custom rubber diaphragms

At TRP Polymer Solutions, we manufacture custom designed rubber diaphragms, specifically for your application. We are fully equipped to develop a precise diaphragm for your industry use, whether you need air operated, small chemical dosing and dispensing, or micro fluidic diaphragms.

Rubber diaphragms from TRP Polymer Solutions

We are able to offer a range of specialist rubber and PTFE materials to ensure enhanced flexibility, extended service, temperature resistance, chemical resistance and reduced permeability. Not only do you get unique diaphragm designs, all of our rubber diaphragms have high abrasion resistance, for industries that work with abrasive materials, for example slurry.

Our experts offer advice on material design specifically for your application, to make certain that the media you are pumping and the volumes that you pump are fully supported by the correct diaphragm.

Our selection of diaphragms includes:

  • PTFE rubber bonded diaphragms
  • Fabric reinforced diaphragms
  • Thin walled diaphragms
  • Demand valve diaphragms for BA sets

PTFE rubber bonded diaphragms

PTFE is known for its high chemical resistance and low friction. For this reason, it is a highly functional material for use in many diaphragm applications including hygienic and aggressive chemicals.

Fabric reinforced diaphragms

We can develop technically specific diaphragms, such as fabric reinforced diaphragms. The purpose of fabric reinforced diaphragms is to improve the flex life of the diaphragm. Dual layering of fabric and rubber ensures that the diaphragm is supported when it comes into contact with larger particles and higher pressures. The reinforcement of the fabric layer offers higher durability levels.

Thin walled diaphragms

Thin walled diaphragms from TRP Polymer Solutions are used in applications where wall thickness is critical in ensuring consistent flexibility, for example metrology probes on CNC machines. It is essential that these diaphragms are manufactured to the tightest tolerances, in addition the material formulation is critical to ensure chemical resistance of the diaphragm, to protect the equipment from the aggressive cutting fluids used during CNC machining.

Demand valve diaphragms

TRP also manufactures diaphragms for use in demand valves for breathing apparatus (SCBA). The function of the demand valve is to allow a regulated follow of oxygen to the user. They operate at very low temperatures, as low as -80°c, and the rubber must remain flexible to ensure no reduction in performance of the diaphragm. Our technical team can advise on selection of the best rubber materials for demanding applications like these, which may include rubber with ultra-low temperature resistance.

Rubber diaphragm manufacturers

As rubber diaphragm manufacturers, we can provide you with all the knowledge you require to assist you in designing a product that will function effectively in your application. Dependant on your industry, we can advise you on the development and specification of your diaphragm.

TRP gives unique solutions to many diaphragm problems, such as the combination of PTFE to rubber, and FFKM to FKM. The ability to produce a two piece composite FFKM / FKM (Perfluoroelastomer to Fluoroelastomer) diaphragm gives you the almost universal chemical resistance of FFKM, at the cost-effective price of FKM. As a team, we strive to produce, the highest quality, most effective rubber diaphragms.

We are rubber diaphragm manufacturers that pride ourselves on rigorous in-house testing, to create a solution for your application, where full traceability and high quality is demanded. For more information, or to discuss your options with one of our technical team, call TRP Polymer Solutions today on +44 (0)1432 268899 or email us at

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