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TRP aim to work with customers to solve their most challenging problems, this can be either the development of a new product or the improvement of an existing one, we will work with our customers to understand the critical features of any new development and help them to achieve these aims.

Bespoke rubber product development

The two main stages of any new product development that are critical to its success are selecting and formulating the correct material and the design of the product itself.

For many new products material development will be the first stage of the process, for some applications this can involve extensive testing to evaluate new material in environments to replicate service conditions. For example, FFKM O-Rings are designed using a rubber material that has a high thermal resistance, which makes them suitable for chemical applications. For other developments prototype parts will be produced in the selected material for evaluation.

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We are happy to advise and consult with engineers on product design, with the aim of improving performance, solving possible manufacturing issues, or reengineering to offer cost savings or improve service life.

Where prototype production is required we can offer very short lead times for single cavity moulds to prove product designs before committing to larger capacity production tooling. Following the material and design process, prototype production allows evaluation of both material and part performance.

Depending upon the complexity and size of the component we can offer parts from new tooling within 7 days.

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