Polymer seals used in the Oil and Gas industry

Polymer seals used in the Oil and Gas industry face some of the most hazardous conditions imaginable. They need to perform well within these environments, which means using only the most advanced Oil and Gas polymers in their manufacture. TRP Polymer Solutions are expert manufacturers of industry specific seals, specialising in Oil and Gas applications.

Polymers for Oil and Gas

The recovery of oil, gas and hydrocarbons has become increasingly difficult. Exposure to high temperatures and pressure ranges means that standard polymer seals are unable to perform to a desired level; minimising the chances of exploration and recovery.

As manufacturers of specialist polymer seals, TRP Polymer Solutions are equipped with the knowledge and experience to custom manufacture cutting edge Oil and Gas rubber components, through specialised process techniques and the most innovative polymers for Oil and Gas.

Polymer materials for the Oil and Gas industry

Using only the most robust material selection, offering materials tested and certified to the Norsok M-710 specification. This standard covers the requirements and procedures for qualification of non-metallic (polymer) materials for use in demanding applications, such as Oil and Gas.

TRP Polymer Solutions’ range of seal materials includes:

Oil and Gas polymer seals

At TRP Polymer Solutions, we offer a range of precision moulded rubber products, including O-rings, packers and water stop seals for pipe lines. In order to make the products effective in Oil and Gas production, they are manufactured to feature chemical resistant properties, including Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) and sour gas resistance.

With a wide material selection of polymer materials and vast expertise, the technical team here at TRP Polymer Solutions are able to develop elastomer seals to meet the needs of demanding industry applications. Offering short lead times and expert product development, our Oil and Gas polymer seals ensure effective machinery operation when you need it most.

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