Chemical Processing

TRP Polymer Solutions are technical experts in rubber sealing solutions for the chemical processing industry. For such a volatile environment, it is essential that your rubber components are consistent in both their endurance and performance. Developing your chemical processing elastomers with TRP Polymer Solutions ensures your exact application requirements are met. All of our rubber products are accompanied by our experienced technical support at each stage, until the final product meets you exact specification.

Rubber products from TRP Polymer Solutions

We can offer a comprehensive range of precision custom moulded rubber solutions for the chemical industry, including, seals, diaphragms, O rings, and gaskets. These are specifically manufactured to function in the harsh environments present in the chemical processing industry, with a constant focus on durability and dependability. We can supply these in a wide variety of sizes, with one piece gaskets as large as 3.5 metres by 2 metres.

Applications for our seals, gaskets and FFKM O-Rings include pumps, valves, mechanical seals, sampling equipment and equipment for storage and transportation of chemicals.

TRP Polymer Solutions are committed to improving upon the rubber products you already use. Our experience with PTFE to rubber bonded gaskets allowed us to develop large one piece PTFE to EDPM bonded gaskets, specifically for chlorine electrolyser cells. The original gasket were failing after an unacceptably short period, our material expertise allowed us to greatly extend the gasket life by over 800%, allowing our customers extended periods between planned maintenance and reduced downtime.

Rubber for the chemical processing industry

At TRP, we can guide you towards a suitable material, able to withstand the demands of the chemical processing industry. PTFE is an example of this, as it is extremely chemically resistant. When bonded to a rubber core, PTFE seals offer cost-effective, but very reliable sealing solutions for a host of applications, including processing equipment, pump diaphragms, valves and chemical transport.

TRP have also developed a range of FFKM (Perfluoroelastomer) materials, these offer near universal chemical resistance. We offer a range of materials for use in both high and low temperature applications. Our team are on hand to advise you on the right grade for your product requirements. These grades include:

  • TRPlast 260B
  • TRPlast 300B
  • TRPlast 316B
  • TRPlast 330B
  • TRPlast 260W

For further, in-depth information on these grades, visit our universal chemical resistance page. When developing your product from concept through to production, TRP can work with you to create prototypes that help us to select the exact grade necessary for your application. Read our chemical resistant rubber FAQs to learn more.

Rubber for chemical resistance

Our chemical resistance guide can give you an overview of which materials will work effectively in your application and those that are not compatible. Please speak to one of our material experts and we will help you select the exact rubber material needed for your application.

Choosing TRP Polymer Solutions as your supplier for rubber products for the chemical industry means you receive in-depth knowledge, technical support at every stage and expert guidance on the right rubber for you. For any other enquires or questions, speak to one of our team on +44 (0)1432 268899 or email us directly at