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Rubber Products for the Gas Industry from TRP Polymer Solutions

22 September 2017

TRP creates specialist rubber solutions for the gas industry. We have years of experience and detailed knowledge of the needs of the gas industry, especially when it comes to creating precise seals for gas applications. At TRP, we continually develop our products to stay up to date with the needs of the industry. So, you […]

Oil industry Rubber Products from TRP Polymer

21 September 2017

At TRP, we understand that rubber components for the oil industry have to be high-quality, reliable and precise in order to function in demanding environments. We can supply you with not only a speciality product that is engineered for your needs, but also access to our in-depth technical knowledge of the oil industry.

Aerospace & Defence FAQs

20 September 2017

Not sure about how to choose the right rubber material for use in the aerospace and defence industry? Making sure your material is suitable for use in your chosen industry is extremely important. This requires consideration into specific features and polymer types and the required certifications. In our latest blog, TRP Polymer Solutions answers some […]

What is styrene butadiene rubber used for?

08 July 2017

Styrene-butadiene rubber is an all-purpose synthetic rubber formed from a copolymer of styrene and butadiene. In this modern world, SBR rubber polymer (as it is also known) is utilised in many ways, from pneumatic tyres to shoe heels and even chewing gum! In this blog, TRP Polymer Solutions will answer some of your most frequently […]

How to select the correct rubber seal

07 July 2017

Choosing the right seal material can be difficult. That’s why in this blog TRP Polymer Solutions covers how to select the correct rubber seal, as well as what to take into account when selecting polymer materials. Choosing the right seal material When choosing your seal material, it is vital that you consider all factors to […]

Chemical resistance and how it can make or break a seal

06 July 2017

Chemical compatibility seals are extremely important for applications that may be exposed to chemicals. TRP Polymer Solutions expertly manufactures high-performance rubber sealing components, derived from chemical industry polymers, that provide effective chemical resistance. In this blog, we discuss the importance of chemical resistant seals and help you choose the best seal for your application. Chemical […]

10 reasons to use TRP for your custom rubber mouldings and ‘O’ rings

20 June 2017

There are a whole host of reason as to why you should choose TRP Polymer Solutions as your number one choice for rubber moulders. We will bring to you 10 reasons why TRP should be your number one choice of ‘O’ ring or customised rubber moulding manufacturer in the UK. Why choose TRP Polymer Solutions […]

HNBR material data sheet

16 June 2017

Hydrogenated Nitrile (HNBR) is acquired through the saturation of nitrile with hydrogen on its hydrocarbon chains. This hydrogenation of the polymeric chain results in improved strength and resistance properties. In this HNBR material data sheet, you can find HNBR material properties and material compatibility.

Rubber applications in the oil and gas industry

15 June 2017

Are you looking for a manufacturer that produces custom-made rubber products to your specific requirements? At TRP Polymer Solutions, we specialise in creating optimum rubber solutions for various industries, including rubber applications for the oil and gas industry. Oil and gas rubber products The oil and gas industry is exposed to high temperatures, high pressure […]

Factors to consider when choosing your O-rings

09 June 2017

O-rings are one of the most well-known and most universally implemented rubber products. At TRP, our O-rings come in many different thicknesses and materials, so it is important that you know how to choose an O-ring. Read this blog to discover how to choose O-ring sizes, materials and much more. O-ring design considerations Firstly, it […]