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Ask the Experts: What are rubber diaphragms?

26 April 2021

Rubber diaphragms offer a simple yet effective sealing solution for pumps, valves and many other control devices across a wide range of industrial applications. TRP Polymer Solutions has many years of experience in the design, development and manufacture of high-quality rubber diaphragms and custom moulded diaphragms. In our latest Ask the Experts article, TRP Polymer […]

Why custom moulded rubber seals are a slick choice for oil & gas applications

08 March 2021

Oil and gas applications often require a more heavy-duty sealing solution than your typical off-the-shelf seal can offer. In the face of challenging operational environments, comprising the handling of abrasive media in explosive atmospheres, oil and gas producers need to have total faith in the performance, safety and reliability of their rubber seals.  TRP Polymer […]

How custom moulded rubber seals keep the motorsport industry on track

15 February 2021

When you think of elite motorsport what springs to mind? Roaring engines? Squealing tyres? Champagne-soaked podiums? What about rubber seals? Well, believe it or not, custom rubber seals play a much bigger role in driving performance than their diminutive size and status suggests. Here, TRP Polymer Solutions outlines how our bespoke rubber seals have helped […]

Why it pays to have a custom moulded rubber supplier on hand

01 February 2021

Elastomers are wonderful materials: flexible, durable and incredibly versatile. Except they are just as fallible to mechanical failure as any other industrial material over time. Common environmental factors – including heat, oxygen and light – contribute to the eventual deterioration of rubber parts. When such parts fail, the likelihood is a halt in production, indeterminate downtime and […]

What is the custom moulded rubber design process?

18 January 2021

Sometimes off-the-shelf rubber seals simply won’t cut it. Custom applications require custom moulded rubber solutions and this is where TRP Polymer Solutions can give you the competitive edge. With more than 25 years of successful component design and development to our name, our peerless experience and expertise has seen our bespoke rubber moulding solutions used […]

Delivering quality polymer solutions to industry

04 January 2021

As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of high-performance polymer products, TRP Polymer Solutions leaves no stone unturned in the pursuit of excellence. From flexible production schedules to high-grade polymer materials and several ISO standards to our name, we stop at nothing to provide the highest-quality polymer solutions to our industrial customers.  TRP has been […]

What is the manufacturing process for custom rubber products?

28 December 2020

If you’ve never worked with a rubber manufacturer before you may be wondering what the manufacturing process for custom rubber parts looks like in practice. If you’re collaborating with a world-class polymer manufacturer like TRP Polymer Solutions, you’re likely to experience a multi-step process that takes in conceptual design through to prototyping, pre-production and volume […]

What are the different types of polymers and their properties?

23 November 2020

When choosing a polymer material for your requirements, our expert polymerists at TRP Polymer Solutions weigh up a number of factors. These include the polymer’s hardness, tensile strength, elongation at break, compression set, specific colours and – crucially – the specific application environment your polymer material is likely to be exposed to on a day-to-day […]

Chemical resistant ‘O’ rings for pharmaceutical applications

26 October 2020

The pharmaceuticals industry is one of those rare industries whose products are often required to meet the highest standards of production as a matter of life and death. Which means that any seals employed in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals must comply with multiple mission-critical factors, including stringent hygiene standards and aggressive CIP/SIP cleaning regimens. TRP […]

Uses of polymers in Industry

06 December 2019

The sheer number of uses of polymers in industry is as vast as they are diverse. Their versatility and range of favourable characteristics make them a firm (or should that be flexible?!) favourite amongst manufacturers of all shapes and sizes. So just what are the uses of polymer that we see today? TRP Polymer Solutions […]