Reduced lead times with an on-site mould manufacturing machine

TRP Polymer Solutions has been moulding our own success since 2004. We have continually invested in the latest technology to ensure we can deliver the most advanced sealing products and comprehensive customer experience possible. Now, with the acquisition of a brand-new moulding machine, we can deliver even greater capacity with significantly shorter lead times.

Investing in the future

TRP Polymer Solutions supports the rubber moulding design process from concept through to production. We work closely with our customers to develop high-quality technical solutions from start to finish. Our production process follows a multi-step process beginning with the specification, development and testing of new materials, followed by prototyping, and finally the manufacturing and commissioning of tooling for production.

Aiding the manufacturing process is our ongoing investment in tooling technology. In fact, we have recently expanded our on-site capabilities with the procurement of a new moulding machine. This is a significant new addition to our facilities, which gives us the two-fold benefits of expanding our operational capacity and reducing lead times for our customers. So we can now deliver more high-performance sealing products in less time.

The manufacturing process

There is more that goes into the manufacture of ‘O’ rings than meets the eye. While these highly functional torus-shaped seals may appear simple, there is a high degree of expertise, preparation and machining needed to produce them. Let’s say your application involves chemical processing and high temperatures, our polymer technologists will discuss your material options with you. They might suggest perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) in this instance.

Why FFKM? Well, it offers virtually peerless chemical and thermal resistance, owing largely to its carbon-fluorine bonds. For argument’s sake, we might suggest high temperature ‘O’ rings developed using one of our own unique grades of TRPlast™ FFKM that are specifically designed to offer unbeatable performance. We might then use computer-modelling and functional prototypes to demonstrate the efficacy of our proposed ‘O’ ring material.

Once our prototypes are approved, we then produce multi-cavity mould tools to facilitate a finalised production process. From the outside looking in, this is probably the stage that is least well-known or even acknowledged. However, without a mould we simply cannot produce the final product. Therefore, the development of the mould tools is an essential step of the production process. Which is why we have expanded our moulding capabilities.

Having developed the moulds, we can launch into the full-scale production of your TRPlast™ FFKM ‘O’ rings. That could be for a one-off part through to hundreds of thousands of bespoke parts. Either way, you can be assured that we not only have the pre-requisite in-house expertise needed to develop an effective sealing solution, but we also have an ever-expanding inventory of on-site machinery to make our production processes as efficient as possible.

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TRP Polymer Solutions supplies custom rubber seals to a wide variety of industries, including nuclear, medical and pharmaceutical, oil and gas, chemical processing and transportation, and motorsport – including formula one race engines. For more information about our rubber sealing products, or to discuss your application in more detail, contact TRP Polymer Solutions today on +44(0)1432 268899 or email